Your Indianapolis Home Security System Can Protect Against These Additional Threats

Indianapolis home security system

You know your home security system can defend your home from intrusion. But your home security system protects against additional threats beyond break-ins. Fire, flooding, carbon monoxide, frozen pipes, and excessive energy use can all affect Indianapolis homes. Here’s how a reliable security system alerts you to these five threats so you can respond immediately.

Threat #1: Smoke And Fire

House fires take just minutes to turn deadly. A quality home alarm system warns your family at the first sign of danger so that everyone has time to get out. 

The ideal security system uses smoke and heat sensors to detect a fire immediately and sound the alarm. When you connect your fire alarms to your home security system, you get 24-hour home alarm monitoring too. This service connects your alarm system to a central station where dispatchers will verify there’s an emergency and call the fire department while you focus on evacuating safely. And if a fire or other emergency occurs when you’re not home, your alarm monitoring service will also notify you and call for help.

Threat #2: Flooding 

Flooding from a natural disaster or plumbing emergency poses a real threat to Indianapolis homes. Luckily, it’s one of the additional threats your home security system can protect against if you have a flood sensor. 

Integrate water sensors into your home alarm system and place them in areas prone to leaks or flooding like the basement or near drains. If they detect high moisture levels or displaced water, your security system alerts you so that you can act and prevent severe water damage. 

What if you aren’t home when a pipe bursts? Integrating smart home automation into your security system lets you manage your security system from a mobile app. If there’s a flood, the app will notify you so that you aren’t coming home to a messy surprise. You can use the app to view the situation through your security cameras in real-time. And if the plumbers show up before you get home, talk to them through your smart doorbell camera and unlock the door for them.

Threat #3: Carbon Monoxide 

Odorless, colorless carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Including a sensitive CO detector in your home security system protects your family from this imperceptible threat. 

If your detector senses dangerous CO levels in your Indianapolis home, it will sound the alarm and notify you through your home security mobile app. You’ll be able to move outside to safety or avoid walking into a dangerous situation when you arrive home. 

Threat #4: Freezing Temperatures 

Indianapolis winters get cold. If your furnace dies while you’re out for the day, you could come home to burst pipes.

Instead, add temperature sensors to your home security system. Place them in areas of your home where the cold can cause the most damage. If temperatures drop too low, your alarm system will let you know before disaster strikes. 

Threat #5: High Energy Costs

Your home security system protects against intrusion and many additional threats that can harm your house and family. But you can use it to protect your budget too. Smart home automation lets you monitor the things that waste energy and increase your utility bills. 

If your family often forgets to turn off lights, you can do it remotely with smart lights and your security app. Leave the garage door open? Door sensors will let you know. Temperature sensors can indicate a drafty window or overactive HVAC system. Or balance temperature and cost-savings by programming a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature according to your schedule. 

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