Protect Your Home or Business with B-link Indy

Help Protect Our Cities With B-link Indy

Take your home or business camera surveillance to the next level with B-link Indy. This Indianapolis safety initiative connects residential and business security cameras to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Department to prevent and solve crimes in your community. Nelson Alarm works closely with our B-link customers to ensure you have the security cameras you need to participate in this program and help protect yourself. Together, we can keep our city safe with security technology.  

Prevent and Solve Residential Crime With B-link Indy

Your Nelson home security cameras already deter burglars and help you monitor your property. Now you can use them to help protect your neighborhood too. 

Indianapolis’s new B-link Home program lets homeowners register their exterior home security cameras on and provide contact information to IMPD. In the event of a crime or similar emergency within your vicinity, IMPD can contact you to request consent to review your security footage to aid the ensuing investigation. With more camera footage at their disposal, police can more easily identify persons of interest and get criminals off your community’s streets. 

When you register for B-link Indy, you’ll receive a window sticker that warns trespassers that your Nelson home security system is part of a larger network of security cameras. If an incident does occur, you can rest easy knowing that the police will have more camera footage than just your own to draw from in their investigation. 

Citizen security is the top priority of B-link Indy. The police cannot access your cameras without your express consent and will always ask permission first. Through B-link Indy, you can enjoy an added level of security and maintain your privacy. 

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B-link Indy Pro Keeps Area Businesses Safe By Sharing Surveillance Video With IMPD 

Time is of the essence when fighting crime. The faster Indianapolis businesses supply evidence to local police during or after a break-in or similar incident, the better the chances of justice being served. B-link Indy Pro gives IMPD direct access to surveillance footage from businesses to solve crimes in your neighborhood and keep your customers, employees, and property safe. 

Businesses of all sizes can be B-link Pro partners. Partners need at least two external, public-facing security cameras and high-speed internet access. You just pay a low monthly fee per camera and then let your commercial security cameras continue to deter burglars, record the goings-on around your property, and give you continuous remote surveillance. At the same time, your exterior cameras will be linked to those of other B-link Indianapolis Pro partners through IMPD’s Incident Analysis Center. 

Using cloud server technology, B-link Pro gives IMPD access to both live and recorded camera feeds. Like your 24/7 security monitoring service, the IMPD will only access your live streams in response to a reported emergency in your vicinity. If you report an incident, IMPD can tap your and your neighbors’ cameras to watch the questionable activity in near real-time or pull images from recorded footage for a better picture of a crime. 

Become A B-link Pro Partner Through Nelson Alarm

If you’re ready to work with your neighbors and law enforcement to reduce local crime, Nelson can help. We are one of a select few approved B-link Indy integrators. We sell and install quality surveillance camera equipment for area businesses and residents who want to take advantage of the unique protection B-link Indy offers and do their part in fighting crime in the community.

To become a B-link Indy Pro partner and protect your business and neighborhood better, call Nelson Alarm today at (317) 255-2125 or request a free quote. Together we can make Indianapolis a safer place to do business.

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