Business Access Control

Nelson Alarm Offers Critical Business Access Control In Indianapolis

One of the most effective methods for asset protection in Indianapolis is to restrict who can enter the area. By equipping your doors with card readers, you can only let essential employees access sensitive rooms. This level of control is nice for businesses that have equipment that should only be handled by authorized personnel or for rooms that need a certain amount of temperature control.  

You can view logs of code entries from your access control center to see who is coming in and out. New credentials for new hires and temporary employees are easy to add, and outdated credentials can be quickly deleted. And your business can link separate restricted areas to the same credentials, so there’s no need for separate key cards.

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DSX offers intelligent controllers that manage door lock schedules and limits access throughout your business. It can provide access by user, track activity, and provide history logs for administrators.

One door to enterprise wide, DSX offers simple scalability. Capable of growing your system from one location and one PC to 32,000 locations and up to 999 PCs on a wide area network. The intelligent controllers and integrated locksets give enormous flexibility and diversity. Mobile Command offers easy lock down to doors or areas, grants access remotely, offers emergency panic buttons, and more. provides a cloud-based access control solution for medium-sized businesses along with mobile user management and remote unlocking through the mobile app. With the platform businesses can manage their access control, alarm system, and cameras through the website or mobile app.

Through the mobile app or website add or remove access users and cards, also lock, unlock, and buzz doors open from anywhere. access control allows you to bulk-add hundreds of users at once or set cards to automatically deactivate on a certain date. Easily add and revoke mobile lock control permissions to ensure your property is secure and the right people have access when they need it. Reduce false alarms with flexible automation rules and schedules. Automatically disarm the alarm when the first employee badges in for the day and have them double tap their card to arm on the way out the door. Navigate from an access history event to the corresponding video with one tap. You can even receive video doorbell calls and buzz open the door right from the video call screen.

Slim Line
Standard Size
Slim Line with Keypad
Standard Size with Keypad

Access Control Card Readers

Featuring a sleek, upscale design, and best-in-class performance while adding innovative features to keep organizations secure. Gain access with the use of a card, fob, pin, or through Bluetooth capabilities.

Highly versatile due to the support for the widest range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access via native Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) capability. Also features Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) to support credentials in the Apple Wallet. Unparalleled performance with ultra-secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified secure element hardware, plus a new surface detection feature that allows the reader to automatically recalibrate and optimize read range performance. All readers include out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bidirectional communication. Each reader is also designed to be connected and managed remotely without transferring of data and electronic files between computers through removable media or the need to be physically touched.

HID Cards
HID Key Fobs

HID Cards & Key Fobs

HID cards & key fobs are best in class, highly secure, certified with robust durability.

If held near an electronic reader for a moment they enable the identification of an encoded number. The reader usually produces a beep or other sound to indicate the card or fob has been read. Proximity cards typically have a read range of up to15 inches making it possible to be left in a wallet or purse, and read by simply holding the wallet or purse near the reader

Electric Strikes

Compact, high-performance electric strike designed for low profile openings where there is limited space behind the door jamb.

Standard Features

Tamper-resistant, static strength 1,500 lbs., dynamic strength 70 ft-lbs., endurance 500,000 cycles, field selectable fail secure/ fail safe, dual voltage 12 or 24 VDC/VAC, internally mounted solenoid, and accommodates 1/2″ – 5/8″ latch bolt (5/8″ with 1/8″ door gap

Fire-rated surface-mounted design enclosed within the thick stainless-steel housing of the electric strike. Outdoor rated with excellent strength and performance.

Standard Features

Installs in metal or wood frames, separate base and decorative cover for easy adjustments, stainless steel construction, tamper-resistant, static strength 1,500 lbs., dynamic strength 70 ft-lbs., endurance 1,000,000 cycles, field selectable fail safe/fail secure, dual voltage 12 or 24 VDC, horizontal adjustability, internally mounted solenoid, and accommodates up to 3/4″ Pullman latch.

Compact, high-performance electric strike featuring a unique concealed design for use with cylindrical locksets.

Standard Features

Falls within the guidelines for retrofit into fire-rated frames, no cutting on frame required, vertical adjustability to accommodate door sag and misalignment, tamper-resistant, static strength 1,500 lbs., dynamic strength 70 ft-lbs., endurance 500,000 cycles, field selectable fail safe/fail secure, accommodates 1/2″-5/8″ cylindrical latch bolt (5/8″ with 1/8″ door gap), and strike body depth 1-1/16″

Nelson Alarm Can Customize Business Access Control For Your Indianapolis Business

You’ll need a customized approach in order to fully protect your important assets and sensitive areas in Indianapolis.  Contact Nelson to discuss your business needs and get a commercial security system designed for you. To get a free quote, call (317) 255-2125 today!