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Get Smarter Fire Protection With Home Monitored Fire Alarms In Indianapolis

While a basic smoke detector can alert you to a potential fire, it’s nothing compared to a home monitored fire alarms in your Indianapolis home. Tied to your Indianapolis home security system, your fire alarm system will receive the same 24-hour monitoring services that protect your home from an intrusion. If a monitored detector or sensor is triggered by smoke, heat, or fire, your emergency plan will activate — even when you are not home.

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How Does An Indianapolis Home Monitored Fire Alarm System Work?

Home monitored fire alarms can protect your home from a fire emergency far better than conventional smoke detectors. Here’s how it works:

Smoke Detector

This is a multi-criteria wireless smoke detector which employs advanced levels of detection and discrimination. This reduces common cooking nuisance alarms and allows faster detection to different types of fire conditions. Smoke alarm when smoke is detected and heat alarm when temperature of 135 degrees F or greater. Also offers rate-of-rise alarm when temperature is greater than 104 degrees F at 15 degrees a minute.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can kill in minutes. Professionally installed, monitored carbon monoxide detectors can play a critical role in saving lives. The detectors measure CO levels over time and are designed to sound a warning alarm well before the carbon monoxide reaches a fatal level—giving you and your family time to safely evacuate your home.

Heat Detector

Great for fire protection in rough environments, specifically garages, attics, mechanical rooms, & the kitchen. Combines rate-of-rise sensor and fixed temperature in one device. The rate-of-rise sensor detects a rapid rise in temperature and signals an alarm if the rise if 15 degrees F or more per minute. Fires typically cause a rapid rise in temperature in the surrounding area. The fixed temperature sensor will signal an alarm when the ambient temperature rises above 135 degrees F.

Smart Detection Means Smart Responses

A triggered alarm can also set off some automated responses through your home security app. For instance, you can direct your security system to unlock all the doors, turn on emergency lights, and shut off an A/C fan once a fire is detected. These automated responses will help you get out of harm’s way safely and hinder the fire from spreading.

Connected Smoke, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As part of your home security system, Nelson Alarm will also install your fire detection system. This consists of alarms that detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide.

Your Alarms Are Monitored 24/7

Whether your home, at work, or half-way around the country, your home will be monitored by the same experts as your home security system. Any time an alarm is triggered, they will immediately act on your pre-defined emergency action plan.

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Nelson Alarm Is The Expert For Home Monitored Fire Alarm Systems In Indianapolis

Nelson Alarm can give your family peace of mind through a customized security and fire alarm system in Indianapolis. Our experts can find the perfect products to protect your home for whatever comes your way. Just call (317) 255-2125 or fill out the online form to get your free quote today!