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Feel Secure with Home Alarm Monitoring


Once Nelson Alarm installs your system, the most important work is just beginning. Quality monitoring of your home security system is vital to successfully protecting and defending your home or business assets. Nelson Alarm utilizes the most sophisticated security monitoring technology available to deliver reliable and dependable service. Our command centers are fully redundant, NFPA Compliant (National Fire Prevention Association) and United Laboratories (UL) certified.

Our technology allows real-time access to any triggered event, immediately notifying our highly trained monitoring personnel of any alarm activity. Whether it’s a burglar alarm, fire alarm or trouble signal, we are ready to immediately implement the individual emergency response plan that we developed personally with each of our customers. This plan is in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The protection of your family, home or business, as well as your complete satisfaction are our ultimate goals. You have our commitment to providing “Only the Best”.

Services our Indianapolis Home Security Systems Offers


Property crimes occur every 3.7 seconds. Homes with a security system are 33% less likely to be broken into. What could be more important than protecting our family and their cherished possessions? A burglar system from Nelson Alarm can set your mind a little more at ease. We offer state of the art burglary devices to detect a burglar at the earliest possible moment. Whether it’s a broken window, movement in a room or a door being pushed open, a siren will sound to let your family know there is a problem and to let the burglar know they have been detected. Our emergency central monitoring station will begin acting on the alarm immediately according to your predetermined emergency plan. This might be to immediately dispatch the police, or to call an office or a nearby neighbor.

We know every family has a different need. Children, pets, size of a home and budget should all be considered when choosing a residential security system. This is why we customize for each family and their needs. We will come out and look at your home to let you know what we recommend to keep it secure and protected.

The security and peace of mind that a quality burglar alarm can provide is one more reason that at Nelson Alarm out motto is “Only The Best.”


Fire monitoring is very important in protecting your family and home. Our professional technicians are experts in installing fire protection systems.

Smoke and heat detectors can be added to any security system. In the event of smoke or a sudden rise in air temperature an alarm will sound to warn your family of a possible fire, while our central station simultaneously contacts the fire department. A display touch pad can be programmed to identify exactly which dire detections device has been tripped in order to provide your family with the most information possible to allow them to safely exit the home.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is one of the most common causes of accidental death in the home. It’s known as the silent killer. We provide 24-hour monitoring and if an alarm goes off our monitoring station alerts the household and dispatches emergency services to your home if you do not answer. This will ensure you and your family will remain safe.


Most homeowners discover their sump pump has a problem after the basement has already flooded. We can monitor your sump pump and notify you if there is a problem immediately.


Avoid the temperature rising and heat levels at your home or business, being able to manage and control the temperature at the home or networking site can really save you money. To hot or too much heat is normally the issue, however, being too cold can be just as problematic!


Having an elevator is a great service for your clients, but have you stopped to think about the incidents that elevators cause that could be avoided entirely? Has someone ever been stuck in one of your elevators or more importantly saved your tenants from getting hurt! We can install our systems on an elevator or escalator regardless of age or model. These will monitor your equipment 24 hours a day to alert you of any issues so they can be fixed before an issue arises!

Medical Alert

Are you or a loved one in need of a medical alert system? Did you know that each year 1 in 3 over the age of 65 fall or hurt themselves inside their home? That’s every 11 seconds an elderly person is treated for fall injuries or death, a medical pendant or bracelet inside your home can save lives!  Many of those people were in need of alerting someone because they could not reach their home phone or cell phone in time.  Nelson Alarm bridges that gap with our medical pendants and bracelets that allow you to alert our 24/7 Central Monitoring Station and make it easy to get help right away!