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24-Hour Home Alarm Monitoring For Your Indianapolis Home


The second layer for your customized home alarm system is a professional home security monitoring team.  Working around the clock to keep you safe, our Indianapolis monitoring services will respond to any alarm. With that kind of support the proper help comes without delay.  Every emergency dispatch specialist is a real person that can respond to alerts according to your customized emergency plan. That’s what puts Nelson Alarm ahead of many of your Indianapolis alarm choices — especially from anything that comes out of a box.

How Nelson’s Home Security Monitoring Works

Nelson Alarm utilizes highly-trained personnel to give your home 24-hour protection. Not only it is 24-hours, it’s also every day of the year.  The monitoring center is U.L.-certified and implements fully redundant alarm monitoring. That means that your backup has a backup. Your security system will never be without a monitoring specialist.

If a window is broken or a fire alarm triggers, a real person will respond to your customized emergency plan.  Using a two-call verification system, we will quickly determine the cause of the alarm and then alert the proper emergency service. First responders will being given vital information before they arrive so that they’re prepared the handle the situation.

Nelson Alarm provides the following home monitoring services:


If a sensor trips, a siren will sound to let your family know there is a problem.  Our emergency central monitoring station will begin acting on the alarm immediately according to your predetermined emergency plan. This might include dispatching the police or to call an office or a nearby neighbor.


In the event of smoke or a sudden rise in air temperature, an alarm will sound to warn your family of a possible fire. Our central station will simultaneously contact the fire department. Then, your display touchpad can show your family a path to safely exit the home.

Carbon Monoxide: 

If a carbon monoxide alarm goes off, our monitoring station alerts the household. If you do not answer, we’ll dispatch emergency services to your home. Since carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer”, we take action to keep you and your family safe when there’s silence on the other end.

Sump Pump and Flood:

A failing sump pump can mean costly foundation repairs and mold. We can set up sensors that alert our monitors when your sump pump fails.  If it does, we will notify you if there is a problem immediately, so you can take action before your basement goes underwater.

Medical Alert:

Being unable to call for help when you really need it can be a terrifying situation. If you or someone in your family is at risk of a fall or medical problem, you can use our 24-hour monitoring services with a medical pendant or bracelet. Now you don’t have to worry about anyone staying home alone, as with a touch of the button, our safety responders will send help right away!

24-Hour Monitoring Can Be Critical To Your Security Needs

By combining a customized alarm system and automation through your smartphone app with 24-hour monitoring, your home becomes layered with the best security protection available in Indianapolis.  To get a free quote, or learn more about our monitoring services, call (317) 255-2125.  Our specialists will be glad to answer all your questions and start customizing the perfect security system for your family.