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Only The Best Home Security Systems In Indianapolis

Protecting your family and home is a top priority for you and for us. Come work with the experts at Nelson Alarm and help your family and home stay safe.

We start by listening to your needs first. Next, we’ll customize the perfect Indianapolis home security system to give you exactly what you need to help keep your home safe and sound.  From state-of-the-art security cameras to home monitored fire alarms to a mobile app, we provide the best home security system that’s been designed around you.

We Offer The Most Reliable Home Security Products & Services In Indianapolis

At Nelson Alarm, our motto is “Only the best.”  That’s why we only use products from the most trusted security companies, like Honeywell.  Starting with the best home security and fire alarms, we can personalize your Indianapolis home security system with products like touch sensors, motion detection security cameras, and even wireless panic buttons. 

Smart Home Security With Smart Home Alarms

A trusted security system starts with a quality Indianapolis home alarm package.  We offer both wired and wireless alarms that include window and door sensors, motion sensors, and smart door locks.  Your home alarm system can be customized for your unique needs so that every entry will be covered.

Round The Clock Protection With 24/7 Home Monitoring

If your security or fire alarms detect any irregular activity, our 24-hour emergency monitoring station will act quickly according to your predetermined emergency plan. This plan might be to immediately dispatch the police or fire department or to call through your list of emergency contact numbers.  We regularly work with emergency services in the Indianapolis area and can give you one of the quickest response times available.

Home Automation Gives You More Control Over Your Home Security

You can now look like you are home even when you’re not.  With home automation, you can control your lights, alarms, and locks with a touch of a button — or set timers or situations where they enable automatically.  You can even include the thermostat, cameras, and sump pump alarms in your home automation system. 

See What’s Happening With Your Home Security Cameras

Part of your Indianapolis home security system may include video surveillance.  We can place cameras outside your home, inside key rooms, or within the doorbell.  You can get a visual view of your home that can be monitored through an easy-to-use smartphone app.

Your Command Center Goes Through Your Security App

Get live feeds of your security cameras, lock and unlock doors, and control your home automation features through your home security app.  Your app gives you control of all your home security features on your laptop, tablet, phone, or watch.

Your Indianapolis Home Security System Should Include Home Monitored Fire Alarms

When we set up your home security system, you can also request a home monitored fire alarm.  These alarms include heat and smoke detection that is monitored with the same 24/7 protection as your home security alarms.  This allows you to be ready for a fire even when you are not home.

What Makes Nelson Alarm The Best Home Security Service In Indy?

We’re committed to giving you the best home security services in Indy because after all, Indianapolis is our home too.  That’s why you’ll get a person every time you call our office, and you’ll see us participating in local organizations. Being part of the community also inspires us to take a personal approach to our customers, listen to feedback, and act immediately on issues that come up.

Call Nelson Alarm Today For Your Indianapolis Home Security Needs

We would love to talk with you about your home security needs and help you design the perfect system for your family.  From burglar and fire alarms to more sophisticated monitoring systems, we think you deserve “Only The Best.” Give us a call at (317) 255-2125 to discuss your needs, or ask for a quote via email.