indianapolis home security systems

Indianapolis Residential Security Products and Services that Protect Your Home and Family


What could be more important than protecting your family and their cherished possessions? A residential security system from Nelson Alarm can set your mind a little more at ease. We offer state of the art burglary devices for residential security to detect a burglar at the earliest possible moment.

Whether it’s a broken window, movement in a room or a door being pushed open, a siren will sound to let your family know there is a problem and to let the burglar know they have been detected. Our emergency central monitoring station will begin acting on the alarm immediately according to your predetermined emergency plan. This might be to immediately dispatch the police or to call an office or a nearby neighbor.

Wireless panic buttons, carbon monoxide detectors, temperature detectors, and even sump pump alarms to signal a needed sump pump repair are just a few of the many options offered by Nelson Alarm. Smoke and heat detectors can be added to any security system. In the event of smoke or a sudden rise in air temperature, an alarm will sound to warn your family of a possible fire, while our central station simultaneously contacts the fire department. A display touchpad can be programmed to identify exactly which fire detection device has been tripped in order to provide your family with the most information possible to allow them to safely exit the home. The security and peace of mind that a quality burglar and fire alarm can provide is one more reason that at Nelson Alarm our motto is “Only The Best”.

Why Get A Residential Security Alarm

  • Protect Your Family, Friends, and Valuables From Intruders
  • Protect Your Household and Loved Ones From Fires
  • Avoid Carbon Monoxide
  • Protection For Your Valuable Items
  • 24/7 Local Monitoring
  • Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance
  • Remotely Monitor Your Home
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Reduce Your Energy Costs With Temperature Monitoring

Consider the following when buying an Indianapolis Home Security Systems

Still have doubts about purchasing a home alarm to protect your loved ones and valuables? Well, roughly every 30 seconds a house fire is reported and every year fires kill more people in the U.S. than the other disasters combined. That means that house fires are the third leading cause of death in the home in the nation. Residential robberies and burglaries occur primarily in the residential properties between 10 am and 3 pm while most people are at work. About every 15 seconds a new home robbery is reported in the United States by entering the front door, back door or first-floor glass windows. Schedule a quote with our Indianapolis home security systems company today and let’s discuss how we can cover you in case of an emergency!