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Indianapolis Home Security Cameras

In Indianapolis, home security cameras should be part of your home security system. Having the right home security cameras in Indianapolis is an important part of having a good home alarm system. When you are able to see who’s at the front door or what’s moving around the living room, you feel like you have better control of the situation. Now you can decide if this is something to worry about or just another routine night. And since your home security cameras are accessed through your security smartphone app, you can see what’s happening whenever and wherever.

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Uniview Technology

Uniview Technology offers a hardwired IP camera solution with 24/7 network video recording for the best storage performance. Also includes user-friendly computer software & a mobile app for viewing live images or recorded clips. The security network video recorders have advanced 4K resolution on HDMI output which records everything in crystal clear resolution. These NVRs feature plug-and-play functionality and effortless operation.

The premium range of NVRs is designed to meet the need of the modern world. Easy smartphone viewing makes it possible to view your cameras and security footage from anywhere in the world. They also support cloud storage of security footage and can automatically detect the latest firmware and upgrades. The NVRs support various panoramic dome camera de-warping modes of live view and playback through GUI and VMS software. There is also an option to add a redundant power supply and HDMI-Output decoding cards.

View All Your Home Security Cameras Through Your Mobile App

All your camera feeds will be available live through your smartphone app. Here you can cycle through feeds, zoom a camera in and out, and talk to those who are on the other side. And because your video surveillance is paired with our security alarms, fire alarms, and 24-hour monitoring on your Indianapolis home, your family will feel safe and sound no matter what.

Types Of Home Security Cameras Available In Indianapolis Through Nelson Alarm

The home security cameras we install can be broken down into three different types: outdoor, indoor, and doorbell. All camera types can be continually running all day and night or set to activate only when motion is detected.

Outdoor Home Security Cameras:

Our outdoor home security cameras are powerful enough to see a wide view of your driveway and yard, but discreet enough so they won’t be noticeable from the curb. The most popular placements for homes are over the garage, along with the back door, and on a front corner facing the street. These cameras can give you an almost 360˚ view of your yard and driveway. They can easily identify movement in low light and bad weather just as easily as a bright, sunny day.


Indoor Home Security Cameras:

With your indoor home security cameras in Indy, you can check what’s happening at home even when you are away. Look in on your children and pets when you’re not home with a live feed. Our indoor cameras can be configured to pick up sound, track movement, and adjust to different lighting levels.

Doorbell Cameras:

Get an up-close view of your doorstep and front walkway through your doorbell camera. When someone arrives at your home — either expected or unwelcome — your doorbell camera will send an alert to your mobile phone. Through the app, you’ll be able to see or speak to anyone that comes to your door, even when you are miles away from the Indy area.

Include Video Surveillance On Your Indianapolis Home In Your Customized Security Plan

Having home cameras installed with your security system is a powerful weapon in keeping your home safe. To get a free quote, call (317) 255-2125, and specialists will be glad to start customizing the perfect security system for your family.