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Take Control Of Your Home And Security In Indianapolis With A Home Security App

The mobile command center for your Indianapolis home security system comes through an easy-to-use home security app. With the app, you can arm or disable your alarms, check out your security camera feeds, adjust your lights and thermostat, and more! Your Indianapolis home security app puts your key security and home devices together so that your home becomes safer and more efficient at the touch of a button.

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How Your Home Security App Gives You Control Of Your Home

With your home security app, you can control both your security system, home fire alarm system, lights, and thermostat. From a single screen, you can see pertinent information about your home and adjust your systems to your liking. With your Indianapolis home security app, you can:

Connect Your System Together

Make your home a smart home by integrating your lights, thermostat, video security cameras, alarm systems, locks, and sensors together.

Nelson connected security alarm system
ADT Mobile Home Security Control

See Your Home In Real-Time

Get a live stream of all your security cameras on your Indianapolis home, see the inside temperature, and check to see if you left doors unlocked or windows open.

Get Important Alerts And Reminders To Your Phone

If an alarm is tripped, or a sensor is activated, you get an instant notification to your phone. You can even set your own alerts and reminders so you never forget to close the garage door or unlock the front door for a repairman.

ADT Mobile Control

Create “Scenes” For Smarter Home Automation

Your lights, alarms, and thermostat may be set differently when you’re home versus when you’re away. They also may be set differently at night when you sleep than in the morning after you wake up. With your app, you can adjust multiple systems simultaneously based on what’s happening in your day simply by choosing a preset “scene.”

Access Door Locks And Set Codes

Remotely lock or unlock doors. You can create unique lock codes for your kids or visitors and get alerts when they unlock the door. You can even raise or lower your garage door!

Your Indianapolis Home Security App Works Cross-Platform On Multiple Devices

No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you’re connected to your home through your home security app. The app works with your computer, tablet, smartphone, and watch — both IOS and Android.

Nelson Alarm Can Integrate Your System Into Your Home Security App

As we customize and install your home security system, we’ll route everything to your home security app. Our experts will then show you how you can control your home so it’s safer, energy-efficient, and adaptive to your needs. Call us today at (317) 255-2125, or fill out our form for a free quote for a home security system in the Indianapolis area.   

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