How To Strengthen Your Home Access Control In Indianapolis

“Home access control” sounds like a very technical term, but it simply means restricting who enters your Indianapolis home. Everyone who locks their doors uses a basic level of home access control to keep strangers out. You can also install certain home security devices for enhanced home access control in Indianapolis. Things like smart locks, doorbell cameras, and alarm systems help you protect your home from intruders while giving easy access to people you trust.  

Smart Locks Give Access To Only Approved People

Regular locks help protect your home from intruders, but their keys can be inconvenient to keep track of. And what if the wrong person gets ahold of your key? Adding smart locks to your home access control system in Indianapolis solves these problems.

Instead of using a physical key, you unlock smart locks with a code on a keypad, a spoken code, your fingerprint, or a smartphone app. You can add several codes to your locks for trusted people to enter your home. Your kid can still get in without a key, and your house cleaners can let themselves in. You can also cancel codes whenever needed, like if you change cleaning services. 

Smart locks can also alert you when you forget to lock them or automatically lock behind you so that you never leave your house unlocked all day. They can also alert you on your mobile device when someone opens your door. You’ll always know that the kids made it home safely or that the house cleaners got in okay.  

A Doorbell Camera Tells You When Someone Is There And Who

Traditional doorbells only tell you that somebody rang the bell. And that’s if you hear the bell. A smart doorbell camera uses motion sensors to alert you on your phone that someone is on your doorstep, whether they push the doorbell or not. Then you can use your device to see who it is through the doorbell camera. Many doorbell cameras even have two-way audio so you can speak to people at your door. 

Best of all, you can do all of this from anywhere! You can be at work or on vacation and see if it’s a friend or stranger at the door and ask what they want. The camera also acts as a deterrent to intruders, and if someone ever breaks in your door, you’ll have video evidence of the crime. 

An Alarm System Alerts You To An Intruder

Smart locks help keep intruders out, and doorbell cameras tell you who’s at your door. But particularly bold trespassers may still try to gain entry to your home. That’s why an alarm system is vital to home access control systems in Indianapolis. If your door or window sensors detect forced entry, they trigger your alarms. Usually, the sound scares away the intruder. If you’re home, you’ll know there’s a threat and can call for help. 

But what if you aren’t home? If you have smart alarms, they will alert you on your smartphone wherever you are. You can also get 24-hour monitoring that connects your home alarm system to a monitoring station of trained specialists who will check on you and follow your emergency response plan to get help.

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