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Greenwood Home Security Systems from Nelson Alarm

For 26 years, Nelson Alarm has serviced customers in Greenwood and surrounding areas including Southport. We pride ourselves in being locally owned in operated to give you the best service possible. Our installation team can install your Greenwood Home Security Systems to perfection. Our motto at Nelson Alarm is “Only the Best” for all of our products and service. With us, you can be assured that you have the most reliable and durable products.  When you go with Nelson Alarm, you become family.  No matter your needs, we want to make sure your family and possessions are protected.

Benefits of a Greenwood Home Security System Company

Within the last year, the city of Greenwood has been improving its parks, buildings, and infrastructure. Greenwood plans to grow its population and become a signature place to live. According to the 2016 United States Census Bureau, there is currently a population of 56,545 residents. There are also a staggering 20,975 homes and apartment buildings, as of 2017. Of these 20,975 homes and apartments, over 57.6% of residents own their homes. Not only are most homes owned, but over 65% of the homes also have families.

You should never have to question whether or not your family is safe. We want to take this stress off of your shoulders by designing your personalized Greenwood Home Security Systems. We offer indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras that can detect even the slightest movements in and around your home. We also offer alarm systems for windows and doors. These alarms alert you if a window or door has been opened or broken.

Not only are home security systems important, but so are heat and smoke detectors. Our heat detectors will recognize even the slightest increase in temperature. These systems can alert you of the most minute possibility of fire. Paired with our displays, our systems can alert you which detector was tripped. Protecting your family should not be something you have to worry about every day. Let us do that for you with our 24/7 monitoring. Find out what systems will work best with your home today!

Your Premier Greenwood Home Security System Company

We want to take some stress off of you and give it to us. Our home security systems are able to detect an issue before it begins. We want to make sure that your family and your most cherished items are safe from harm’s way. Our state-of-the-art systems will sound an alarm, when it is triggered, letting you know that something is not right. This alarm will deter your unwanted guest from proceeded forward.

Home invasions in America are reported every 15 seconds. These burglars usually choose work hours to break into their targeted homes. Their favorite points of entry are first-floor windows, as well as the front and back doors. Another highly reported occurrence is home fires, at nearly one every 30 seconds. Within the United States, more lives are claimed by home fires than any other disaster.

Greenwood Home Security Systems Integrations:

  • • Our burglar alarm systems can be wired or wireless.
  • • Remote access and Smart automation will sync all of your devices together.
  • • Asset Protection to detect if anything is drilled into or moved.

What Our Systems Provide:


    Carbon Monoxide Protection


    Savings on Energy costs with temperature monitoring.


    Homeowners Insurance Savings


    Monitoring Remotely


    Fire Protection and Monitoring


    Monitoring for Medical


    Protection from intruders

    Installation of Greenwood Home Security Systems

    There is no need to delay protecting your family and possessions. Our expert staff will be sure that you have an amazing experience. We want you to be able to relax knowing that you are in good hands. Our four-step installation process will make sure you are never left wondering.


      Step 1

      We come to your location to view your property to discuss any problem areas. We will also listen to your concerns and build them into our design.


      Step 2

      After viewing your property, we will design a personalized package to fit your needs.


      Step 3

      After you approve our design, we will schedule our installation team to place your security systems.


      Step 4

      The last step is 24/7 protection!

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      There is no better day to start protecting your home from harm or loss. Do not let your home become another statistic. Contact us to install your personalized Greenwood Home Security Systems. Here at Nelson Alarm, we protect our family. We cannot wait to hear from you.

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