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Noblesville Home Security Systems from Nelson Alarm

Nelson Alarm has been able to offer you full-service Noblesville Home Security Systems, for over 26 years.  Even with all of our growth, we continue to stand by our Core Value, “Only the Best.”  We offer a wide range of the most advanced security and alarm systems in Noblesville and surrounding areas.  We are locally owned and operated to be able to provide you with the best customer service and installation teams. Not only do we give our clients the best service, but we also serve our local community, Hendricks Regional Health Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Local School Contributions, Little League Sports, and many many more!

Benefits of Our Noblesville Home Security Systems

According to the most recent United States Census Noblesville, IN has an estimated population of 60,183 people. With all of these people, there are over 19,000 homes with 74% being family homes. Making sure your family and valuables are safe, is the best feeling possible. It is not always possible to be at home to make sure it is safe, what better way than to install a home security system.  The violent crime rate in Noblesville is only 4.8% (per 1,000 residents); however, property crimes are 508 per 1,000 residents. According to My Neighborhood Scout, you have a 1 and 118 chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Noblesville.

Noblesville is one of the safest cities in the state, but there is no better time to keep your home protected than before a crime happens. Not only do our home security systems deter crime, but with added heat and smoke detectors, we can alert you to fires as well! Our fire and heat detectors can sense a sudden rise in temperature notice even the slightest possibility of a fire. Our security systems are linked with a display pad that will alert you to the specific device that was tripped. Take action today by installing your total home security systems.

We also offer smart home automation and remote access systems that can sync your home security systems with a phone or tablet. Have you ever driven into work, and then realized you forgot to shut your garage door? Smart home automation makes saving the drive home possible. Shut your garage with the touch of a button!

Full Noblesville Home Security Systems Protection

Our community is family to us, and we want to make sure that our family and their possessions are safe at all times. We do not want fear to hang heavy on your shoulders. We want to offer you the “Only the Best” security systems for our family.  Our state of the art security systems are able to tell if a door is opened, the window is broken,  or a movement is made. If your system is tripped, a siren will start scaring away any potential burglar and alerting you of a disturbance.

There are house fires reported every thirty seconds in the United States. Fires kill more people than any other disaster within the United States. Not only fire common, but home invasions also occur every fifteen seconds. Most home invasions occur Monday through Friday while homeowners are away at work. The most popular points of entry are the back door, front door, and first-floor windows. Do not leave any stone unturned. Be sure to protect your family from intruders and fires, today!

What We Offer:


Carbon Monoxide Protection


Savings on Energy costs with temperature monitoring.


Homeowners Insurance Savings


Monitoring Remotely


Fire Protection and Monitoring


Monitoring for Medical


Protection from intruders

In the United States, house fires kill more people than any other disaster combined. Within the U.S, there is a house fire reported every thirty seconds. Home invasions occur even more often than home fires, at approximately one every 15 seconds.  The main amount of robberies occurs Monday through Friday while homeowners are away from the home. These invaders usually come through the front door, back door, and first-floor windows.

With remote access and smart home automation, you can sync your security systems with your phone or tablet. With this technology, you can shut your garage door without having to turn around, saving you time and stress. We also provide indoor and outdoor cameras that will alert you whenever motion is detected.

Installation of Your Noblesville Home Security System

The protection of your family and possessions is extremely important to us. After you call us, we want your system to be running as soon as possible. This is achieved by our four-step personalized process.


    Step 1

    We will assess your needs by coming out to your location to listen to your concerns and view your property to give the best advice possible.


    Step 2

    We will design a package that will keep your needs and concerns in mind.


    Step 3

    After you approve our design, you will receive a call to be able to set up a time to have our installation team come out and install your system.


    Step 4

    Last but not least, your home will be monitored day and night for the best protection possible.

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    Have you been in the market for the perfect Noblesville Home Security System, to protect your loved ones? We have the perfect solution for you. Contact a representative at Nelson Alarm to go over our full state-of-the-art product lineup, and see what will be best for you and your home. We cannot wait to hear from you, and make your family part of our family! At Nelson Alarm, we provide “Only the Best” home security systems.

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