The Top 5 State of the Art Home Security System Features In Indianapolis

In the past few years, home security system features have evolved to a place where your home can be an automated, energy-efficient fortress of safety. As a result, everything is easier and more personalized to your daily comings and goings, from smartphone apps to voice-controlled automation. So, let’s look at the top 5 state-of-the-art security system features in Indianapolis that you’ve got to have.

Take Control Of Your Indianapolis State-Of-The-Art Home Security Features With Your Phone

Your touchscreen control panel is the brain of your entire home security system, but what if you could take that brain with you? With your home security phone app, you can direct all state-of-the-art home security features with some simple taps.

Arm or disarm your alarms, dim your smart lights, turn down the thermostat, and view live feeds from your home security cameras. Or set your home automation schedules so your house responds automatically.  And if an alarm or camera picks up something out of the ordinary, they can send you a phone notification.

No More Grey Blobs With Your State-Of-The-Art Home Security Cameras

The capabilities of home security cameras today are impressive. You can buy cameras with 360° rotation, infrared technology, high resolution, motion detection, and two-way talk, to name a few options. Since capturing footage of intruders can be invaluable, it’s nice to have cameras that automatically record clips for later. You can also check in on your home, your loved ones, and even your pets when you’re away through the mobile security app.

Get Energy Efficiency And Security With Home Automation

Smart technology seems to be everywhere nowadays. Home automation devices can save you money by regulating things in your home like heating, cooling, locks, and lights. Others are extra powerful when incorporated into your home security system. With your phone app, you can make these automation devices respond to security events to scare off intruders or help your family get to safety.

For example, suppose your doorbell camera spots unusual movement on your front porch. In that case, your smart porch lights can react and automatically light up. Or, if your monitored fire alarm senses a fire, your thermostat can kick on the ventilation fan to hinder the flames. You can even set your home automation system to automatically turn down the thermostat, turn off the lights, lock the doors, and arm the alarms when you leave for work.

Get Help Quicker With Advanced Fire, Flood, and CO Detectors

We all know that you should have a smoke detector on every floor of your house.  But you can up your fire safety with a monitored fire alarm.  These alarms have state-of-the-art home security features like heat detection, enhanced smoke detection, and phone notifications.  Your alarms will also alert your monitoring center, which can coordinate with the fire department while you’re trying to get your family to find a safe spot out of the house. You can even get flood sensors and carbon monoxide sensors that will also link to your security monitoring station.

Voice Control Makes Security And Home Automation Easier

Using voice commands makes controlling your Indianapolis home security system fairly easy. Just link your system to an Alexa or Google Nest speaker, and you can ask the assistant to check on your alarms, lock the doors, or about a hundred other things. Then when it’s time to go to bed, just say “Goodnight,” and your alarms, thermostat, locks, lights, and everything else will set themselves to guard your home.

You Can Own the Best State of the Art Home Security Systems Features In Indianapolis

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