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Indianapolis Home Security Systems from Nelson Alarm

Nelson Alarm has over 26 years of experience within the Indianapolis area. We are locally owned and operated, which means you get the best service possible! We provide Indianapolis Home Security Systems with a wide range of specialty security and alarm services. Over the years, our company has grown, but we continue to provide customers with “Only the Best” service. Our security specialists are ready to provide you with only the best customer satisfaction, product reliability, and quality systems. We also offer Commercial Alarm Systems and 24/7 Monitoring. We are able to design a security system that will meet your personalized needs.

Benefits of Indianapolis Home Security Systems

Indianapolis Home Security Systems

Indianapolis is one of the most populated cities within the Midwest. Our capital has nearly 900,000 residents. All of these residents flock to the city for its growing economy, widely known universities, and vast career opportunities. As the population increase, the crime will increase as well. In 2015 the FBI Uniform Crime Report stated that there were over 11,085 burglaries, 41,377 property crimes, 3,802 robberies, and 25,301 larcenies/thefts. There is no wonder why so many families are in need of a trustworthy home security company.

Not only do our residential security systems protect against intruders; but with our added smoke and heat detectors, our systems can detect fire as well. Our added systems can detect a sudden rise of temperature and even warn of a possible fire. The display pad can be programmed to recognize which detection device has been tripped.  Our central monitoring will take immediate action based on the predetermined emergency plan, whether it is to call an office, call a neighbor, or immediately dispatch the police. We want you to be at home with full peace of mind with our home security system.

Our Premier Indianapolis Home Security Systems Company

There is nothing more important than being sure that your family and your cherished possessions are safe at all times. We offer state of the art home security systems that detect a problem as soon as possible. Our systems can sense if a window is broken, the door is pushed open, and even if a movement is made. Right away a siren will turn on letting you and your family know that something is not right. This siren will also deter a burglar from finishing what he came here for.

Our Indianapolis Home Security Systems provide:

  • Protection for your family, friends, and valuables from intruders
  • Protection for your home and loved ones from fire
  • Protection from Carbon Monoxide
  • 24/7 Local Monitoring
  • Savings on your Homeowners Insurance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Reduced energy costs with temperature monitoring

Approximately every 30 seconds a home fire is reported. House fires in the United States kill more than all other disasters combined.  This makes housefires the third leading cause of home death. Not only are fire frequent, but home invasions occur almost every fifteen seconds.  Most robberies occur between the hours of ten in the morning through three in the afternoon, entering through the front door, back door, or through the first-floor glass windows. This happens while most homeowners are at work.

Integrations into your Indianapolis Home Security Systems:

  • Burglar alarm system one is wired and one is wireless.
  • Remote access and smart home automation that will sync with your smartphone or tablet. Don’t turn around if you left the garage door open, shut it from where ever you are at with the stroke of a finger.
  •  Security Cameras for indoor and outside that can be viewed right from your app. These cameras can be one 24/7 or alert you when motion is detected, based on your needs.
  • Asset Protection for your most valuable items. Our systems are able to detect if anything is moved or being drilled into.

Our Indianapolis Home Security Systems Installation Process

We want to get you protected as quickly and easily as possible. We have come up with a four-step foolproof installation process that ensures that each client gets the personal attention that they deserve.

  • Indianapolis Home Security SystemsWe come to your location to assess the property and will listen to your concerns to be able to give you our expert advice.
  • With your concerns and your property in mind, we will design a package that will suit your needs.
  • After confirming a design, you will receive a call to set up a time to have our expert installers install your entire Indianapolis Home Security Systems.
  • Your family can now feel safe and secure and call us with any questions.

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We know that a protected home is a happy home. If you are ready to design your home security system, please contact a specialist or request a quote from Nelson Alarm today!