Do Security Yard Signs Deter Intruders?

One of the perks of getting a security system is putting up a yard sign that says “Nelson Alarm.”  But does that actually deter intruders, or is it just advertising? And if security signs scare off trespassers, can you cheat with a fake security sign and save on the cost of an alarm system? Here’s what to know about putting up security yard signs in Indianapolis and why nothing replaces the protection of a custom home security system.

Security System Yard Signs DO Deter Intruders In Indianapolis

While a security alarm system will warn you of a break-in, reducing the risk of the intrusion is also important. However, an alarm system can appear invisible from the outside, making it look like your home is unprotected. That’s why people put up security yard signs in Indianapolis as a warning. And those signs can be an effective deterrent. Most would-be burglars leave if they see an alarm sign. They don’t want to risk setting off the alarms that may be in the home.

But Security Signs Are Probably Not Enough

Since security system signs deter intruders in Indianapolis, can you get away with just a sign? Maybe. But it’s important to remember that a security system does more than protect your home from criminals. A good alarm system also warns you of fires, floods, carbon monoxide leaks, and similar environmental emergencies. And you never know if someone will overlook or ignore your sign. So while you might feel tempted to go the cheap route with a fake security sign, you’re still leaving your home and family at risk.

Other Visible Security Devices Help Protect Your Home Even More

The other problem with relying on fake security yard signs in Indianapolis is that smart burglars know some people use fake ones. They may still attempt a break-in if they see no other indication of a security system. And that sign itself certainly won’t stop them!

Visible security devices offer a much more effective deterrent. You should still display your “Nelson Alarm” sign to get their attention. But once they see that sign and give your property a good look around, they’ll most likely leave once they realize that you actually do have a system in place.

Things like visible security cameras and doorbell cameras will make most trespassers stop in their tracks. They don’t want to be caught on camera or seen from your window or the street when a light flashes on. If you’ve invested in these visible devices, they know there’s a strong chance you have alarms too. And if they still attempt to break in? You have an alarm system to warn you and scare them away.

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