How To Pick The Best Home Fire Alarm For Your Indianapolis Home

The thought of a house fire is terrifying, but you can rest easier when you have a home fire alarm system in Indianapolis. The only question is, how do you pick the right one for your household?

The best home fire alarm for Indianapolis homes can alert you to various environmental threats in your house. Using a device that senses heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide can help make your home more proactive to disaster. It also helps to have your fire alarm connected to an app, so you can get notified of a fire when you’re home or not. Then you can add a monitoring service for even more protection. 

Look For A Home Fire Alarm System With Smoke, Heat, And CO Sensors

Traditionally, Indianapolis homes would have smoke detectors on the ceiling to warn you of smoke from a fire. These have saved countless lives but can also be annoying if they go off when you overcook food in the kitchen. The best home fire alarms in Indianapolis today are more discerning and accurate. They combine smoke and heat sensors to detect an actual fire. The alarm will sound if the amount of smoke or heat reaches a certain threshold or the temperature rises too high too quickly. This cutting-edge technology cuts down on false alarms while detecting real fires faster. 

Today, you can also add carbon monoxide detectors to your home alarm system. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that can quickly become deadly. A CO detector integrated into your alarm system will alert you to increased gas before it becomes lethal. 

Install Smart Home Fire Alarms In Indianapolis

You’ll find “smart” versions of every home gadget these days, including fire alarms! Smart fire alarms make it easier to respond to a fire and protect your home and family. First, they communicate with your smart handheld devices, alerting you to a problem even when you aren’t home. If a fire starts when you are gone, you’ll receive an alert and can check your smart security cameras from your security app and call for help. 

Secondly, you can instruct smart fire alarms to trigger other automated responses around your home. For instance, you can program your smart home system to unlock smart locks and flip on smart lights when your fire alarms are triggered. These actions will make it easier for your family to escape a house fire. 

Add A Monitoring Service To Your Alarm System

Responding to a house fire can be chaotic. You must get everyone to safety and call for help quickly. To simplify things, use an alarm monitoring service

An alarm monitoring service connects your alarm system to a central monitoring station and keeps a custom emergency plan on file for you. When something triggers your alarms, the station receives an alert, and trained specialists follow your emergency plan. They will try to contact you to verify the emergency. If you confirm there is a fire, they can call the fire department for you. If they can’t reach you, they’ll follow your emergency plan for calling for help. A monitoring service can get you the help you need faster and take one thing off your hands in a crisis. 

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