When Should You Upgrade Your Commercial Security System In Indianapolis?

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Commercial security technology changes all the time. So do your Indianapolis business’s needs. You may have a different building or more foot traffic these days. Or perhaps your current system is old, and you’ve heard about new smart solutions. Whatever the case, here’s how to know if it’s time to upgrade your Indianapolis commercial security system.

Upgrade Your Commercial Security System In Indianapolis If It’s Outdated

If you’ve had the same commercial alarm system for a while, there are undoubtedly new options now that will protect your property better. 

For instance, if you get grainy black and white footage from security cameras, upgrade to high-resolution color cameras that show you who’s prowling around your property. If your old alarm system gives false alarms, get new sensors that use infrared and motion detectors to differentiate between a human intruder and stray objects. Are you always forgetting to arm your alarms? Upgrade to an automated system that turns everything on at a pre-set time. 

Automate Your Commercial Security With Smart Technology

If you have gaps in your business’s security or struggle to monitor your sites, you should upgrade your Indianapolis commercial security system with smart technology. Smart devices let you automate your commercial security and use it more easily. 

Smart technology gives you remote access to all of your business locations from a single mobile app. Use the app to automate locks, lights, cameras, and more. You’ll never forget to arm your system when you have it programmed to follow a schedule. You can also remotely check camera feeds, get readings from environmental sensors, and control lights. Or set up notifications that tell you when sensors or cameras detect something at one of your sites. 

Reconfigure Your Security If Your Indianapolis Business Has A New Footprint

If your building changed from when you first installed your alarm system, you may have security blind spots now. If an expansion or other major renovation gave your building a new footprint, you’ll need more cameras, sensors, and alarms to cover new entryways, windows, and interior spaces. 

Even a new layout might require a security upgrade. If you have moved vital assets like equipment, cash registers, or stock, work with your security company to place cameras and sensors where they will protect your valuables. If you find blind spots, you’ll need to move or add more security devices for proper asset protection.

Beef Up Security If You’re Getting More Foot Traffic

The more people on your property, the more security you need. Serving more clients, growing your team, or renting space adjacent to other businesses increases your foot traffic and security risk. If that’s your case, it’s time to upgrade your commercial security system in Indianapolis. 

With more people on-site, you’ll need better access control to keep property and valuables safe. If you still rely on old locks and keys, upgrade to more modern solutions like card readers, keypads,  and remote access. Card readers give access only to essential employees and record who has gone in and out. And it’s easy to add and delete credentials as needed. Or use your smart app to unlock doors for employees and lock up behind them remotely. No need to hand out keys with a mobile access control center!

Upgrade Your Indianapolis Commercial Security System With Nelson Alarm

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