monitored home security system by nelson alarm

Indianapolis Home Alarm Packages Designed Around Your Needs


Every Indianapolis home is unique and deserves to have a home alarm package custom-designed just for it.  While keeping your family safe from intrusion and fire may be priority number one, there are plenty of variables that can affect your final home security system. Nelson offers a full range of home security products that work together to make your house more secure when you’re both home and away — and at an affordable home security price point.

Start Your Indy Home Alarm Package By Choosing a Wired Or Wireless System

We offer both wired alarm systems and wireless alarms for your Indianapolis home. Wired systems have every component hardwired together to create a reliable net of protection to your home. Wireless systems, however, are more flexible. They can reach places that a wired system can’t and are less intrusive to the structure of the building.  Both wireless and wired can be support all components like fire protection or security cameras, and every system is backed by 24/7 home surveillance.

Choose Only The Components Right For Your Home

During your initial consultation, you’ll pick from a variety of security components to give you the level of security you need.  Your home security package can include:

  • Door And Window Sensors: Anytime a door or window is opened while the system is activated, an alarm will sound alerting you to the intrusion. Alerts will also go to our monitoring service teams which will immediately contact the necessary emergency services.
  • Fire And Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Combining a fire or carbon monoxide alarm with your security system means your house can be protected even when you’re away.
  • Video Surveillance: Outside cameras, inside cameras, or doorbell cameras are expertly configured to give you a visual view of your home that can all be monitored through an easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Home Automation: Along with your security alarm system, we can help you automate your home so you can control the lights, thermostat, or other items through your smartphone app.  Now you can feel like you’re at home, even when you’re halfway around the country.
  • Customized Security Items: Customize your home security service package to your personal needs — from smart locks and touch sensors to personalized medical alert pendants!

Indy Home Alarm Pricing Starts With A Free Quote

Your security is too important to leave to some cookie-cutter value package. Instead, start with a core wired or wireless system. Installation basic package starts at $299 and monitoring is as low as $28.00/month.  From there, we build your perfect Indy home alarm package around your specific security requirements as well as your budget.  For a free quote, contact us at (317) 255-2125 today!