3 Types Of Alarms For Indianapolis Homes

When you think of a security alarm, you probably think of intrusion alarms that warn you of a break-in. However, you can add other types of alarms to your Indianapolis security system too. Life Safety alarms and environmental alarms warn you of other emergencies like a fire, carbon monoxide leak, flood, or extreme temperatures. Include all three types of alarms in your security system, and you’ll have incredible protection for your home and family.   

How Intrusion Alarms Help Prevent Break-ins

Intrusion alarms are the most familiar of the three types of alarms in Indianapolis homes. They go off when special sensors detect a possible break-in. Your Indianapolis home security company puts these sensors on windows and doors where intruders are most likely to enter. They can sense glass breaking or a door opening and send a signal through your security system to your intrusion alarm. 

When triggered, intrusion alarms make a loud noise that alerts you to possible danger and can scare away the trespasser. Today, you can also get smart alarms that send an alert to a security app on your mobile device. If you have surveillance cameras with your alarm system, you can check out the situation on that app after an alarm triggers. 

How Life Safety Alarms Protect Your Family From A House Fire And Carbon Monoxide 

Life Safety alarms can help save your family from threats like a house fire or carbon monoxide leaks. Your alarm system uses smoke detectors to sense a fire. The best smoke detectors can detect smoke, intense heat, and how fast the temperature rises. In most cases, this information helps your smoke detector determine whether there is a fire or you just burned food. If conditions indicate a fire, your smoke detector loudly sounds the alarm so that your family can escape. 

You can also use carbon monoxide detectors with your alarm system. These gadgets sense the odorless gas and warn you through your security system. That warning helps your family get outside before the CO affects them. And just like with intrusion alarms, you can receive alerts for a fire or CO through your security app and get help immediately instead of coming home to a dangerous situation.

How Environmental Alarms Warn You Of Flooding And Extreme Temperatures

Like safety alarms, environmental alarms have sensors that can detect changes in their environment. These monitor moisture levels and temperature changes. Put water leak sensors in your basement, under sinks, and near toilets. If a pipe springs a leak, the sensor will alert you through your alarm system and mobile device. Then you can respond before the flood becomes a real disaster. 

Temperature sensors throughout your house can alert you if temperatures get too hot or cold. If your HVAC system fails or goes into overdrive when you aren’t home, your smart temperature sensors will tell you through your security app. Then you can address the problem immediately before extreme cold or heat causes any harm.

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