Troubleshooting Common Home Security System Problems In Indianapolis

Trouble shooting an Indianapolis home security system,

No home alarm system is perfect. Whether you installed it yourself or a professional did it, you may have issues with your security system at times. Don’t let home security system problems leave your Indianapolis house vulnerable. Here’s how to troubleshoot some of the most common home security issues.

Too Many False Alarms

Various issues can cause false alarms. Luckily, most have easy fixes.

  • Outdated devices: Old DIY devices break down over time or don’t work well with newer devices. Replace these gadgets with a comprehensive system.
  • Old or low battery: For wired systems, your security company should check for faulty wires. For wireless systems, charge a dead battery or replace an old one.
  • Misaligned sensors and contacts: Check that windows and doors are closed and fit snugly in their frames before arming your alarm system.
  • Inexperienced users: Ensure all users know how to use your security system correctly and remember their access codes.
  • Contact from pets or children: Double-check that you set your sensors to ignore the movements of pets and children or that they haven’t bumped sensors out of alignment.
  • Drafts moving objects: If objects are flapping in a draft, either move them or the alarm sensors.

Compatibility Issues With Different Equipment

One of the most common Indianapolis home security system problems is compatibility issues. If you try to use security cameras, fire alarms, or other devices from different manufacturers, they may not work correctly with the rest of your system. DIY systems have the most compatibility issues. 

In this case, it’s best to replace the mismatched components with ones that are designed to all work together. Nelson Alarm can help you create a home security system that works for you.

Your Mobile App Doesn’t Show A Home Security Device 

A security app helps you monitor your entire system and automate it–but only if it’s communicating with every component. If you don’t see a security device on your mobile app, try logging out of the app and log back in again. If it still doesn’t appear, disconnect and reconnect the device. 

Still having trouble? Call Nelson Alarm for assistance.

Too Many Security Apps From Different Devices

If you have a patchwork of security devices from different brands, you may have just as many security apps. All of these apps take up space on your phone and make managing your Indianapolis home security confusing. 

The solution is to adopt a system from a single brand so that you only need one app to manage your entire home security system. 

Security Gaps And Slow Response

Hopefully, it doesn’t take an emergency to discover this issue, but if you find gaps in your alarm coverage, address them ASAP. 

You need alarms at every entryway and camera surveillance covering every angle of your property for the best protection. If you think you have a security gap, contact Nelson Alarm to perform a system test and review the results. And ask about 24-hour home alarm monitoring so that you always have someone to respond immediately if an alarm triggers. Otherwise, there’s no one to call for help when you’re away.

Mitigate Most Indianapolis Home Security System Problems With Custom Solutions

You can avoid most home security system problems by installing a custom system upfront. Work with a professional Indianapolis home alarm company to find the best solutions for your household. The experts install everything for you and show you how to use it all. And if you do have issues later, call them, and they’ll send a technician right away. 

Troubleshoot Your Home Security Issues With Nelson 

Nelson Alarm has helped Indianapolis homeowners solve their home security problems for almost 30 years. If you have questions or concerns about your home security, call us at (317) 255-2125 or request a free quote today.