Is a Wired Security System Or Wireless Security System Better In Indianapolis?

If you look around the internet, it seems like there are only two types of home security systems in Indianapolis to choose from: wireless and wired.  The wireless system allows you to place cameras and sensors anywhere, but you need a battery source and might suffer from interference.  A wired system has dedicated power and is more secure from hacking, but is more limited in equipment placement.

So which one should you choose?  Below are just a few benefits and drawbacks of both a wireless security system and wired security systems in Indianapolis — and why you may want a hybrid security system instead.

What Are The Benefits Of A Wireless Security System In Indianapolis?

Wireless Security System Indianapolis

The benefits of a wireless security system in Indianapolis all revolve around its flexible nature.  In wireless components, you see:

  • Simple installation and removal. You don’t have to drill holes to install or remove wires – a common requirement of a wired security system in Indianapolis.
  • Highly configurable. With the absence of wires, a wireless security system offers greater flexibility. Your installer simply adds components like a doorbell camera or a wireless window sensor to the system and syncs it together for immediate use.
  • No wires.  If the phone lines go down because of being cut or of a natural emergency, your alarm will stay armed.  Most components of a wireless system rely on batteries and aren’t vulnerable to an intentional cut or accidental power failure.

However, These Wireless Systems Also Have A Few Drawbacks:

  • Battery systems: Because your sensors and cameras aren’t hardwired into a power source, they need to rely on batteries.  Forget to change the battery and your components won’t work.
  • Interference: Wireless systems communicate through radio waves, much like your cell phone and Wi-Fi.  Sometimes you will find that there’s too much interference from other devices for a clear signal.  Older homes may also have “dead” spots where a wireless component won’t sync up. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Wired Security System In Indianapolis?

Wired Security System Indianapolis

A wired security system in Indianapolis may have the edge in reliability.  Hardwiring means that problems coming from batteries or interference are virtually non-existent.  However, you lose the ability to place sensors and cameras away from walls. But for those who choose a wired system, here’s what you gain:

  • Dependable and stable. Because your wired security system connects to a landline, there is less risk of failure due to interference from other devices, like baby monitors, mobile devices, or remote systems.
  • Secure from hacking. While both security systems have advanced encryption on their security products, a wired system is virtually impenetrable.
  • Wired power supplies: Because most components will be wired into the house, there’s no need to swap out batteries.

Of Course, With A Wired Security System, You Can Also Have the Following Limitations:

  • Limited placement: You can only put your components in areas that can be hardwired.  That may work for security cameras and door sensors attached to the house, but it may not be great if you want to place your indoor security camera on a dresser or desk.
  • Permanent fixtures: Once your equipment is installed, it’s there forever.  Moving it will mean rewiring the system to fit the new placement.

A Hybrid Security System Is The Best Home Security System In Indianapolis

What do you choose — the flexibility of a wireless security system or the reliability of a wired security system?  Luckily, you may not have to choose.  When you use the right company, they can set up a hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds.

At the initial installation appointment, an expert will discuss your security needs and go on a whole-house audit.  Those components that can be hardwired will be installed first.  Any equipment that is best suited for wireless installation — like an indoor camera in your child’s room — will be added.  All components will sync up at the control hub, and everything can still sync with your mobile security app.

By only using a few components wirelessly, you have less worry about interference and battery life.  Yet, you still have the flexibility to add them in when it seems appropriate.  Best of all, services like home automation and 24/7 remote monitoring still come with your hybrid security system.

Choose The Right Provider For The Best Security System In Indianapolis

Nelson Alarm has been a leading provider of residential and business security systems throughout Indianapolis for nearly 30 years. Our experts will walk you through setting up a hybrid security system that combines the benefits of both wireless and wired alarms and cameras. Contact us online for a free quote or call us today at 317-255-2125 to speak with one of our security consultants.