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We offer two different types of alarm connections, one being a wired system and one being a wireless system. So what is right for your home or business? Wired systems have a leg up on the wireless systems in the terms of reliability, which is why this is the preferred method for your office or business. While wireless systems can reach places that a wired system can’t, all the while being less intrusive to the structure of the building. Making this the clear ideal system for your residential home.




Ever left home and wondered if you left the garage door open or what about your new puppy “Max” if he is behaving at home? Well have peace of mind with Nelson Alarm we offer Smart Home Automation for so much more than just your home security alarm. We can help you remotely control your lights or thermostat. Imagine being comfortable in your bed at night and not having to get up to turn the temperature down! Well now you can! What about being able to see who is ringing the doorbell or knocking at your door before you ever answer with our smart doorbell system. All this home automation is available at your finger tips with our mobile access to your smart phone or home tablet.


smart home alarm with remote access


Which is best for your home or business, a smoke detector or a heat detector? Well they are actually meant for two different purposes, a smoke detector is meant to alert personal or a family before the fire gets to large. Simply put people need time to react before a fire gets out of control. Heat detectors are a great product to detect where the fire is spreading.  Most cases it is best to utilize both devices to best protect your assets home and business alike!


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Have you ever heard a noise and wondered what or where the sound came from? This is why Video Surveillance has recently became so popular for not only homes but also businesses. They can be broken down to two different types of camera’s indoor and outdoor. Our Video surveillance has the ability to be viewed from a mobile app right from the comfort of your bed. These camera’s can be running all day and all night or perhaps you would like to be alerted only when motion is detected. These are options we can customize to each customer based on their individual needs.

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Being able to protect your companies assets is one of the biggest concerns for any business owner. Has an employee ever lost a key or key fob? Being able to grant them access or being able to see when they opened the store that day could be a game changer for you and your business. Having access to the when the where and the how of your everyday business can lead to increased profits. Working with sensitive information? Then keep your employees safe, or perhaps give them access to only certain areas of the building along with a time stamp of when they entered or exited the building. This provides a security layer for your customers and your employees that will lead to safeguarding your assets.

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Take advantage of the full services being offered. We manage installation projects from start to finish utilizing “Only the Best” technology to suit your needs. There are several cabling options that range from standard UTP to fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cabling has many desirable characteristics that enable you to transmit data at a great distance while significantly increasing bandwidth. OTDR documentation and testing is also performed.

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Do you need to keep your most prized possessions safe? At Nelson Alarm we specialize in keeping what you store in your safe… Safe!  Perhaps your recent love for art has lead you to purchase the Mona Lisa, well we can alert you if someone touches or moves your painting! We can customize to keep anything safe from movement or being drilled into with our Assets Protection Services. Contact us for more details.

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