How To Choose The Best Commercial Security Camera System For Your Indianapolis Business

You know the benefits of a commercial security camera system, but choosing one that fits your business’s needs is another matter. There are so many security cameras out there. How do you find the best set-up for you? Consider these camera options and talk to Nelson Alarm about how to create the best commercial security camera system for your Indianapolis business.

Look For Durable Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras deter intruders and keep you aware of activities around your property. Look for outdoor cameras that are tamper-proof and work in all light levels and weather conditions. You’ll also want cameras that you can remotely move and have HD quality images for better views.

For outdoor cameras, you also need to decide if you want them visible or hidden. Visible cameras may deter trespassers, but you might dislike the look of them on your building. If you choose hidden cameras, be sure they still have a good vantage point.

Consider How Indoor Cameras Will Fit In Your Business Environment

Like with outdoor cameras, you need to decide between hidden or visible interior cameras. Your interior cameras’ appearance might matter more to you, so look for more sleek models, or consider covert cameras that look like more discreet objects.

Indoor cameras are vital for commercial asset protection and should offer high-quality images in different light levels. You’ll also want to consider each camera’s range of view depending on where you put it. A camera that surveys a check-out counter needs a more focused view to protect your cash register and clerks. However, cameras in a warehouse should have a farther reach.

Choose Between A Wired Or Wireless Camera System

Wired cameras connect to a control center and power source with physical cables. Wireless cameras use a cellular connection and are battery-powered. Both can work with remote monitoring smart apps.

Wired systems usually have better video quality and are more reliable and secure. Their main drawback is that someone could theoretically cut your wires.

Many people find wireless cameras easier to use, and they integrate with smart technology better. However, they are only as reliable as your internet connection, and video may lag.

Don’t Forget Adequate Video Storage Capacity

External camera storage works best for Indianapolis businesses that have several cameras continuously monitoring their property. External storage uses a hard drive device to store hours of video footage that you can play back at any time.

You have two main options for external storage: wireless or wired. Wireless recording and storage take up a lot of internet bandwidth, so most Indianapolis businesses will benefit more from wired external storage. Wired storage doesn’t rely on your internet network and lets your cameras record continuously, giving you more footage of your property. And like wireless storage, wired storage can still be viewed remotely.

Get A Complete View Of Your Property With Remote Video Monitoring

Your Indianapolis business is an important investment, and you want to know what’s going on there at all times. The best commercial security camera systems in Indianapolis have remote video monitoring so that you can see your property on mobile devices no matter where you are.

Using an app, you can view live streams and stored footage, manipulate your cameras for a wider view, and even speak to people through your cameras.

All of these capabilities make monitoring your property easier. You can see and speak to delivery people at the door, make sure your employees are productive and safe, or watch suspicious loiterers from your office, home, or on-the-go.

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