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Keep An Eye On Your Business With Commercial Video Surveillance In Indianapolis

You need to keep an eye on your business 24 hours a day.  Let our consultants create your perfect video surveillance in Indianapolis.  We’ll determine critical areas and design a customized video solution that fits your needs. For example, your outside security cameras can give you a view of your perimeter, while your inside cameras will show you key areas and assets.  You can even upgrade your outdated door intercom system with an integrated video intercom.

Best of all, your Indianapolis commercial video surveillance system can be monitored remotely.  Through your phone, tablet, or computer, you can see live streams of all your cameras, and get alerts when they sense unusual activity.  Pair your security cameras with security items like window and motion sensors, and you have a customized security solution perfect for your Indiana business. 

The Commercial Security Cameras In Indianapolis That Keep Your Business Safe

During your initial consultation, our experts will walk your facility and discuss what areas you need to see, and your desired level of detail. From there we go back to our office to identify the best location and cameras to meet your needs. Each camera can be set for continuous recording, activated upon motion, or tripped by an analytic event.  Your cameras may include:

  • Outdoor Commercial Security Cameras: Our outdoor commercial security cameras will give you a full look at your perimeter and parking lot. Yet they’re discreet enough so they won’t be noticeable from the curb.  We’ll find placements that can give you the clearest views of your outside access points.  No matter what your company’s outside facade is, we’ll be able to strategically place cameras for the best views — day or night.
  • Indoor Commercial Security Cameras: With your indoor security cameras, you can get live streams of your lobby, hallways, or certain assets that you need to protect.  Our indoor cameras sit low profile enough to blend into the design and will help you keep your building — and your employees — safe from emergencies.
  • Video Intercom:  Replace your outdated door intercom system or standard doorbell with a video intercom.  This communication system is especially handy when you need an extra layer of identification for entry within the business. Just use your mobile device to talk through the video intercom.

Access All Your Security Cameras Through A Central Video Recorder

Whether you have three cameras or three hundred cameras in your video surveillance, they can all work as one cohesive unit.  They all will be hardwired into a central video recorder, with the amount of control you have over video playback determined by your chosen storage space.  Your cameras can be set to activate during certain times or be kept on for continuous playback.  Either way, your central video recorder will let you easily analyze recordings of what happened within your building.

Commercial Video Surveillance In Indianapolis Is Part Of Your Customized Security Plan

Since your video surveillance is paired with security alarms, fire alarms, and 24-hour monitoring from Nelson Alarm, your business has all the tools to protect your people, property, and profits.  When an alarm triggers, you will receive an alert through your mobile phone or the monitoring station.  As emergency services are on your way, you can capture the footage that will help with investigations.  Then recorded video clips can even help with insurance claims.

Get Your Commercial Video Surveillance In Indianapolis Through Nelson Alarm

Having video surveillance paired with your security system is a powerful weapon in keeping your business safe. To get a free quote, call (317) 255-2125. Our specialists will be glad to start customizing the perfect security system for your site or sites.