Security control panel in a retail store

Control Your Commercial Protection On The Go With Remote Access To Your Indianapolis Business Security

Having a commercial security system in indianapolis comes with the peace of mind in knowing that your business is being protected 24/7. But if you want control over your system after you leave the office, then you’re going to need remote access to your Indianapolis business security. At Nelson Alarm, we’ll customize your security system so that you can keep tabs of your business when you’re away with easy to use, remote access to keep your commercial property and assets secure.

Get Remote Access To All Your Indianapolis Security Camera Feeds

The ability to remotely monitor your commercial space allows you to stay abreast of what’s happening outside your day-to-day operations. With remote access on your Indianapolis business security system, you can view all your Indianapolis security camera feeds in one app, giving you a mobile command center. With remote access, you can:

  • Get live camera feeds in HD: Infrared technology lets your cameras record in low-light and adverse weather conditions. From your remote app, you can see all your cameras in real-time 24/7.
  • Motion Detection Alerts To Your Phone: Your security cameras can be always on or activated through your remote access hub. You can also get alerts when your motion sensors detect unusual movement.
  • Multiple Sites Into One Remote Access App: If you have multiple sites across Indianapolis, you can consolidate all camera feeds into one place.

See Who’s Coming And Going With Electronic Access

At Nelson Alarm, we can install access control that helps you track who gains entry to your space. Access control systems are geared at authenticating the identity of the user before providing entry to the building. And through remote access to your Indianapolis business security, you can get real-time information on who’s coming and going throughout your company.

Remotely Control Your Building’s Environmental Systems

When you control your environmental systems from your Indianapolis remote command center, your site becomes much more responsive and energy-efficient. From your computer or mobile device, you can:

  • Control Temperature: Raise and lower the temperature with your smart thermostat. Each thermostat control can be adjusted independently from each other to maximize your energy-efficiency.
  • Raise and Lower Lights: Never wonder if you left the lights on again. Simply dim the lights from anywhere.
  • Get Alerts To your Phone: When your temperature sensors or thermostats detect unusual fluctuation in temperature, they will send an alert or text message to your phone. A necessary function when a degree or two can ruin your company’s assets.
  • Set Up Automation Scenes: Business functions usually happen in patterns. Now you can set your environmental controls to automatically adjust to functions like loading or unloading the warehouse or preparing for the overnight shift.

Nelson Alarm is the Leading Automated Business Security System Company in Indianapolis

Having remote access to your Indianapolis business security can be a game-changer in safety and energy-efficiency. From light modules to temperature adjustment, you have complete control from your computer or mobile device. For a free quote, call Nelson Alarm at 317-255-2125 today!