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Nelson Alarm Offers Critical Commercial Asset Protection In Indianapolis

The Mona Lisa is guarded around the clock, surrounded by motion and temperature sensors, and encased in bulletproof glass.  Your business assets probably don’t have that level of protection, but you still may need some extra security.  Nelson Alarm can customize your commercial security system to protect your essential equipment or areas with commercial asset protection in Indianapolis.

Some assets, like cash registers or server rooms, may need constant video surveillance.  Nelson can position your indoor or outdoor commercial security cameras so that you have a clear view of sensitive areas.  Your video surveillance can give you clear HD reception in any level of light that can be viewed live through your mobile security command center.  Motion detectors can alert you to unusual activity. 

Access Control Restricts Unauthorized Entry To Your Assets

One of the most effective methods for asset protection in Indianapolis is to restrict who can enter the area.  By equipping your doors with card readers, you can only let essential employees access sensitive rooms.  This level of control is nice for businesses that have equipment that should only be handled by authorized personnel or for rooms that need a certain amount of temperature control.  

You can view logs of code entries from your access control center to see who is coming in and out.  New credentials for new hires and temporary employees are easy to add, and outdated credentials can be quickly deleted.  And your business can link separate restricted areas to the same credentials, so there’s no need for separate key cards.

Alarm Specific Items That Need An Extra Layer Of Protection

While entry points and major walkways may have security cameras, glass break sensors, and motion detectors, you may want extra-alarm protection on specific items.  Set motion detectors that focus on important areas, and you’ll get an alert when your important assets are disturbed.  Shock sensors can even keep your items, like ATMs or safes, protected from being drilled into through a back wall!

Nelson Alarm Can Customize Asset Protection For Your Indianapolis Business

You’ll need a customized approach in order to fully protect your important assets and sensitive areas in Indianapolis.  Contact Nelson to discuss your business needs and get a commercial security system designed for you. To get a free quote, call (317) 255-2125 today!