Do You Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector In Indianapolis?

You’ve heard that carbon monoxide in the home can be deadly, but how at-risk is your family, and do you need a carbon monoxide detector in Indianapolis? The real question is, Why take any risk when your home security system can alert you to CO build-up? A CO leak can happen to anyone, anytime. Integrate carbon monoxide detectors into your home alarm system and rest easy knowing your family is protected from this invisible threat.

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic gas. Harmless amounts of carbon monoxide exist in the air around us. When higher levels of CO build up in your home, it becomes dangerous. This build-up happens when carbon-based fuels do not burn completely. Those include:

  • Wood
  • Coal
  • Gasoline
  • Propane
  • Heating oil
  • Natural gas

If you burn these materials in your Indianapolis house, CO fumes get trapped and poison the air. Most CO injuries and deaths occur when people use portable heaters and stoves inside their homes or run their car in the garage without proper ventilation. Faulty household appliances and central heating systems can leak CO too, which is why adding a carbon monoxide detector to your Indianapolis home alarm system is vital for your protection.

What Does A Carbon Monoxide Detector Do?

Carbon monoxide detectors are the best way to identify rising levels of CO and take action. They work like your residential smoke detectors. A sensor inside detects CO molecules and sounds an alarm when it senses rising levels of the gas. It should trigger before the gas becomes too noxious so that you have time to open doors and windows and safely leave the house.

Where Do You Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector In Your Indianapolis Home?

You should place home CO detectors where everyone will be able to hear them. The main places you need them are:

  • On every level of your house
  • Near all bedrooms
  • By all doors that lead to the garage

You can enhance your CO detection by connecting detectors to your home security system. No matter which detector senses CO building up, your system will sound the alarm throughout the whole house. A detector by the garage door could trigger while you’re asleep upstairs on the other side of the house, and you would still hear the alarm.

How Else Can Your Home Alarm System Protect Your Family From CO Poisoning?

When your CO detector works in tandem with your security system, you get the benefits of both. For instance, if you use 24-hour home alarm monitoring, your security system will signal a central monitoring station when your CO detector is triggered. An emergency dispatch specialist will respond to the alert according to your customized emergency plan. They will verify the emergency with you and contact the authorities for you while your family evacuates the house.

Even when you aren’t home, your alarm system helps protect you from CO leaks. When your security system includes your CO detectors, it can send you an alert on your mobile home security app if fumes are detected. With this information, you’ll avoid walking into a dangerous situation at home and can call emergency services immediately.

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