Busting Common Indianapolis Home Security Myths

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They say “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” But when it comes to beliefs about home security, that isn’t true. Many Indianapolis homeowners fail to protect their homes because they think home security is too expensive, doesn’t work, or is too hard to use. Here are some of the most common home security myths Indianapolis homeowners believe and why these misconceptions shouldn’t stop you from protecting your home. 

Home Security Is Too Expensive In Indianapolis

Perhaps the most common home security myth Indianapolis residents believe is that home alarm systems cost too much for them. But home security can be surprisingly affordable. 

You don’t have to buy every security device all at once. Start with an alarm system for the most basic protections, and add on other capabilities, such as cameras and heat sensors, as you see fit. You can find many different security solutions for all budgets. 

Break-ins Only Happen At Night

While some break-ins occur at night, the Department of Justice says most happen in broad daylight.  And break-ins shouldn’t be your only worry. House fires and flooding don’t wait for nightfall. Without a security system, your home sits vulnerable 24 hours a day. 

For round-the-clock protection, install a home alarm system with 24/7 security monitoring. When something trips your alarm system, a trained professional notifies emergency personnel and you. You can rest easy at all hours of the day, knowing that someone has your back if anything goes wrong at home. 

Home Security Doesn’t Deter Burglars

You might have heard this common home security myth among Indianapolis homeowners. However, few wrong-doers are bold enough to break into a secured house. At first sight of a security camera or alarm system, most will flee. If that doesn’t deter them, triggered lights or alarms will. And if someone still enters your home, a robust security camera system will record the evidence, and your 24/7 monitoring agent will send help right away. 

A Home Security System Is Hard To Use

Perhaps an acquaintance had a frustrating time installing their home security system, and you’re worried you will too. But a trusted professional alarm company makes installation a breeze. They help you pick what components you want and then set up everything for you. If you do have problems, they’ll send a technician out to troubleshoot. 

Your security company can also integrate your alarm system with home automation to make managing your home security simple. You can use a phone app to set your alarm system or schedule lights to come on. Lock doors remotely when you forget on your way out for the day or receive notifications that family members have safely arrived at home. 

Home Security Systems Are Faulty

Have you heard that home alarm systems are more trouble than they’re worth? That’s one of the most common home security myths Indianapolis homeowners hear. Rumor has it that cut wires or a power outage renders your security system useless. And what about false alarms? 

Fortunately, your trusted security company has solutions for those possibilities. Ask them about backup batteries and cellular backup to maintain connectivity if you lose your power, internet, or landline. As for false alarms: most security systems use infrared and motion detectors to verify that a human triggered your alarm. And if you have a monitoring service, they use two-call verification before contacting the authorities. 

Nelson Alarm Dispels All Of The Common Home Security Myths For Indianapolis

Whatever your concerns for home security, Nelson Alarm has the answer. Our experts can help you understand your home security needs and help you find the perfect solutions for you. Just contact us online for a free quote or call 317-255-2125.