The Best Outdoor Security Camera System Features For Indianapolis Businesses

When you’re looking for the best outdoor security camera system for Indianapolis businesses, the many options can get overwhelming. Security cameras come with many features that may leave you wondering if you need them or not. While every Indy business has different business security needs, everyone can benefit from these outdoor security camera features.

Motion Activation Saves Video Storage Space

While some businesses might prefer recording security footage 24/7, many don’t want the expense of storing that much footage. Instead, set your motion-activated cameras to record only when they sense movement. This gives you footage of objects when they’re in view of your cameras but not the time periods when there’s nothing to see. You’ll never miss activities on your premises and will save money on video storage.

Similarly, you can have cameras programmed to turn on when your commercial alarm system trips. If your alarm system detects a break-in, fire, flood, or similar incident, your cameras will turn on to record everything.

Smart Technology Gives Remote Access To Cameras

If you get motion-activated cameras, pair them with smart technology that gives you remote access to your cameras. Smart cameras connect to your mobile device or PC, where an app acts as your security hub. You can use the app to manage your cameras at all of your locations. Some cameras let you zoom in and out or pivot them with the app. It will also send you notifications when your cameras detect unusual movement, like someone in your parking lot after hours.

With smart cameras, you can view video in real-time whenever and from wherever you want. Look through your camera feeds on the app to see who’s in your delivery dock or watch for suspicious loiterers. If your commercial security monitoring center notifies you of a situation in the middle of the night, you can take a look yourself before driving all the way to work.

High-definition Cameras Create Clear Images

Security cameras won’t do much for you if you can’t see the images clearly. High-definition cameras give you a crisp image that lets you see what’s going on outside your business. When you look at commercial security cameras, the higher the pixel number (p) and frames per second (FPS), the higher the picture resolution.

However, higher resolution images take up more storage space, and cameras with a higher FPS may cost more. To get good picture quality without blowing your budget, look for cameras with at least 1080p and 30fps. You’ll get high resolution at a reasonable price.

Night Vision Cameras Record In Low-light Conditions

When you have outdoor surveillance cameras, you have to expect poor visibility at night and during inclement weather. Cameras with night vision are a vital part of the best outdoor security camera systems in Indianapolis. Look for ones that still offer 1080p in low-light conditions.

Most cameras use infrared technology to “see in the dark,” but this produces black and white video. If you require color camera footage overnight, look for cameras with color night vision technology.

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