Benefits of Home Alarm Systems with Cameras

When it comes to installing a home security system, there are endless options and ranges of security available. One of these options is to have cameras placed at various locations in and outside your home. If you’re still unsure about the benefits of home alarm systems with cameras, here are a few to consider. If you are thinking about a home alarm system with cameras, give us at Nelson a call. Our number is 317-255-2125, we’re here everyday!

Home System Alarm Cameras Aid in Preventing Crime and Assisting Police

Having cameras, especially if they are visible to the naked eye, can be enough to deter criminals from even considering your home or property a target. Most criminals look for homes that will be easy to break into. They check for doors or windows that aren’t in plain view and are easy to open. If they can see that your home is being monitored, even in more private areas, they are likely to move on. This can not only protect your possessions inside the home, but also things that may be near or inside any outbuildings you own like lawnmowers, pressure washers, and 4-wheelers.


Another benefit of this home security is it can protect any deliveries or packages you are expecting. Package theft has been a growing concern. Having a home alarm system with cameras can help, especially if you have regular drop-offs when you’re not there to bring them inside.

Home surveillance can be beneficial to your neighbors as well. While your home may be off the market for burglars, you can potentially help police with other criminal activity in your neighborhood. Recorded camera footage may reveal important clues or even the identity of criminals that can assist the police in capturing them. In addition, it can provide the evidence needed to convict them.

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With Cameras You’ll Have Long-distance Monitoring

Do you have children who are old enough to be home alone? How about pets that you wish you could check on easily during the day? Perhaps you have an elderly person living with you that you worry about. Another benefit of having a home alarm system with cameras is long-distance monitoring. Smartphone applications make it easy to check on family and pets or to simply check the status of your home and surroundings. A hidden benefit of checking in is finding blind spots. If you’re realizing you can’t see who or what you’re looking for, you can determine which areas need more security.

Home burglaries increase significantly in the summer when people typically are on vacation or busy with other activities. Cameras can help alleviate that worry by giving you the capability to check on things even when you’re miles away.

Save Money and Worry Less When You Have a Home Alarm System with Cameras

In the end, installing cameras will save you from a lot of unnecessary worries, knowing that your family and the things you’ve worked hard for are safe. Another benefit of a home alarm system with cameras is that it will save you money. Most insurance companies offer discounts up to 20% off your premiums if you have cameras as part of your home security system.

There you have it! If you were on the fence about installing cameras as part of your home security plan, if you want to learn more about the benefits of home alarm security systems with cameras, give us a call at 317-255-2125 or request a free quote today!