Does A Home Security System Raise My Indianapolis Home Value?

home alarm security systems with cameras

You know a home security system can protect your home from intruders and other emergencies. But having one can benefit you in other ways too. If you’re looking to move soon or planning ahead, an Indianapolis security system can raise your home value. Savvy home buyers know the worth of a quality home security system. Investing in home security now can attract high-paying buyers later. 

How Does an Indianapolis Security System Raise Home Value?

An Indianapolis security system can raise your home’s value in two ways. During a property assessment, it might raise the true value of your house if you live in a high-crime area. Most likely, your security system will increase your home’s resale value. This value comes from what buyers are willing to pay for your Indianapolis house.

Buyers today will pay more for a home that has extra amenities such as security systems. They could install one themselves, but many people want “move-in ready” houses with pre-existing amenities. Indianapolis security systems raise home values because they appeal to homebuyers who want all the benefits of home security from the day they move in.

Home Buyers Know A Home Security System Will Protect Their New Home

Unlike home renovation trends, safety never goes out of style. Homebuyers know that home security systems protect them from break-ins, theft, and other emergencies. Why wouldn’t they want that kind of protection for their new house?

Security systems today offer protection in a variety of ways. Sensors can detect everything from a prowler outside to a window being broken to a fire. Both audible and silent alarms can alert you to a threat. Security apps allow you to live stream your security cameras when you’re away. Home security monitoring responds to alarms and notifies emergency responders for you.  

When Indianapolis buyers purchase a home, they’re making an investment. If that investment comes with built-in protection, that’s all the more reason to buy. And while security systems do not last forever, a quality one by Nelson can last 20 years or more and serve as the foundation for a newer system later. 

A Home Security System Can Reduce Home Insurance Premiums

Homebuyers always want a great deal. With an alarm system, don’t be surprised if you get higher offers from buyers looking for long-term insurance savings! 

Home security systems reduce the chance of a break-in or other emergency. That’s good news for your insurance company. Since your security system lessens the financial risk to them, they are often willing to offer an insurance discount. 

This cost-savings appeal to many house hunters. They know they’ll get that discount too if they buy your house. While they may have to take on the monthly costs of 24/7 security monitoring, often the home insurance discount helps offset that cost. 

Nelson has Superior Indianapolis Security Systems That Raise Home Value

Nelson Alarm has the quality home security solutions you need to boost your Indianapolis home’s resale value. Our security consultants can help you select the protective features that homebuyers want today. Contact us online for a free quote or call us at 317-255-2125 today.