Do Home Security Systems Deter Burglars In Indianapolis?

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When you want protection for your Indianapolis home, a security system sounds like an obvious choice. But do they really stop intruders? Recent studies say yes. Home security systems deter burglars in Indianapolis with alarms, cameras, and more. You can rest easy knowing that your home is less likely to become a statistic when you have a residential alarm system.

Will A Home Security System Deter Burglars In Indianapolis? The Numbers Say “Yes”

The United States Department of Justice says burglary is the second most common crime in America, with over 2.2 million cases each year. According to the experts, a home security system can help you protect your home from this threat. 

One study from the University of North Carolina interviewed former burglars about their methods. They found that 60% of respondents avoided breaking into homes that appeared to have an alarm system. 

It’s difficult to say how many home break-ins security alarms prevent each year because no one can count events that don’t happen. Per law enforcement estimates, houses without an alarm system have a 300% higher chance of being burglarized. That’s a real incentive to invest in protection for your home! Now the question is, what home security system features deter Indianapolis burglars the best?

What Security Features Deter Burglars Best In Indianapolis? 

When burglars break into a home, they try to get in and out fast without revealing themselves. Your security system should make this task too difficult to attempt. 

The University of North Carolina study found that 40% of interviewed burglars said home security cameras alone deterred them. Intruders know that many cameras today begin recording when they detect motion and have high-definition picture quality, making it easier to identify trespassers. They also know that you might have a security mobile app that notifies you when your cameras detect suspicious activity. 

Window and door alarms also deter burglars. Some wrong-doers stop if they see signs of an alarm system. Others get scared away when they trigger an alarm. For the most effective protection, you should have a professionally-installed alarm system with sensors on every exterior door and window–even on the second story. 

Another significant deterrent to burglars is any sign that someone is home, like music, TV sounds, or lights turning off and on. If you integrate home automation into your home security system, you can make it look like you’re always home. Just use your mobile app to schedule lights and the TV to turn on and off when you’re away. 

You can also use your app to check that you locked your doors and windows and armed your alarm system. If you forgot, remotely lock up and set your alarms to protect your home wherever you are.

Does Your Indianapolis Home Deter Burglars? If Not, Nelson Alarm Can Help

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