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Business Security Automation In Indianapolis Makes Your Company Safer And Efficient

When you add business security automation in Indianapolis to your business security system, you get a safer and more efficient workplace. Get automated alerts to your cell phone from your alarm sensors or security cameras, lower your smart thermostat remotely for off-hour savings, and create responses to alarms that can scare away intruders and help emergency services.  You can even create scenes that adjust the temperature, lights, locks, alarms, and more at the touch of a button.

Business Security Automation in Indianapolis Gives You A Smarter Workplace

With a customized business automation system, your workplace becomes more responsive to your needs.  From your PC, laptop, or mobile device you can connect smart devices that can be set to your certain triggers or activities.  With your business security automation in Indianapolis, you can:

  • Remotely Set Your Business Security Alarms:
    Arm or disarm your Indianapolis security system from an easy-to-use security mobile app or set your system to an automated schedule.  You’ll never have to do the awkward run to the front door after arming the alarms again.
  • Get Automated Alerts From Alarm Sensors And Security Cameras:
    Always know what happens at your workplace. When your Indianapolis security cameras or alarm sensor triggers, you get an instant alert to your mobile device.  You also get instant alerts when your fire or flood detector goes off.
  • Remotely Lock And Unlock Doors:
    Through your mobile app, you have complete control over your smart locks. Check to see if the front door accidentally remained unlocked or create temporary codes for deliveries or contractors.
  • Automate Lighting and Thermostat:
    Set your smart lights and thermostat to an automatic schedule or control them remotely through your remote control center.  With business security automation devices, your company can become energy-efficient — saving you money on costly energy bills.

Set Scenes That Affect Multiple Devices At Once

With business security automation in Indianapolis, you can adjust all your smart devices at the same time with a pre-set scene.  Customize how your thermostat, alarms, cameras, and light behave during certain events.  These “scenes” can help your business be more energy-efficient and secure while saving you the time to manually adjust every device.

For instance, have your automation system lower the thermostat, turn off the lights, arm the alarms, and lock the door when you leave for the night.  Or adjust the temperature, locks, and lights so you don’t waste energy when you load or unload a delivery.  You can even set all the lights to blaze bright when your security alarm is triggered.

Nelson Alarm Can Give Your Business The Power Of Automation

When your business wants to make your workplace smarter, turn to the experts at Nelson Alarm.  We’ll show you how business security automation in Indianapolis will help your site become safer and more energy-efficient.  Call us today at (317) 255-2125 or fill out our form for a free quote.