What Are The Pros And Cons of A Wireless Home Security Camera System In Indianapolis?

Years ago, the only home security camera systems in Indianapolis required lots of wires. Today, wireless home security camera systems are growing in popularity thanks to their high-tech convenience. But when you weigh the pros and cons, are wireless systems better than wired? Or can you get the best of both worlds with a hybrid set-up?

Benefits Of Wireless Home Security Camera Systems

Wireless cameras communicate with your Indianapolis home alarm system through a Wi-Fi or cellular network instead of physical wires. Without wires to worry about, you can enjoy many benefits from your wireless home security camera system:

  • Customization: It’s easier to add more components to your camera system when things don’t need to be wired together. Add more cameras and alarms at any time if you find a gap in your system. Or connect smart devices like a smart doorbell or motion detectors to your camera system.
  • Easier installation:  It’s always best to have your trusted alarm company install your camera system. But if you choose the DIY route, a wireless system is ideal. You won’t have to drill holes or run wires anywhere. Just plug into a power source and connect to your Wi-Fi.
  • Place cameras anywhere:  Since you don’t have to connect wires with a wireless camera system, you can place cameras anywhere. You can put them in plain sight where you would otherwise see unsightly wires or in places where wires would require holes drilled in hard materials like stone or brick.
  • No broken wires: Wires can break in a natural disaster or be cut by a person. You don’t have to worry about this with wireless security cameras.
  • Less vulnerable to power outages:  Wired cameras can fail during a power outage. If that concerns you, you can choose battery-operated wireless cameras.

Drawbacks Of Wireless Home Security Camera Systems

Wireless cameras may be cutting-edge, but they aren’t perfect. Before you commit to a wireless home security camera system, keep these drawbacks in mind:

  • Connectivity issues: Your wireless home alarm and camera system is only as reliable as your network. If your network experiences disruptions, you’re more likely to experience video lag and false alarms or be disconnected altogether.
  • Distance limits: Wireless security systems don’t always work well across large distances because wireless radio signals have an average range of only 500 feet. If you have a large Indianapolis home or want to use outdoor cameras, wireless cameras may not work.
  • Frequent maintenance: Battery-powered cameras can be advantageous, but some homeowners find it frustrating to remember to replace batteries. If you’re likely to forget or don’t want to take on that chore, reconsider battery-operated wireless cameras.
  • Vulnerable to hacking: Like everything online, wireless cameras are susceptible to hackers. Your security company must authenticate and encrypt your system’s signals properly. Otherwise, a tech-savvy intruder or prankster could easily disable your cameras.

Get The Best Of Wireless and Wired Cameras With A Hybrid System

If you like the sound of a wireless home security camera system but are wary of the cons, a hybrid system might appeal to you. Hybrid systems link wireless cameras to a wired security system to give you the best of both worlds. You can remotely view wireless cameras with a mobile app without network disruptions. Or you can use a combination of wired and wireless cameras to reach all corners of your home and property and store recordings on the same hybrid video recorder.

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