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Warehouse security systems are integral to the financial health of the most important aspects of many commercial businesses. Many companies all over the world depend on their warehouses to store valuable items of their business, primarily, inventory. From a loss prevention standpoint, the lack of constant video surveillance monitoring ultimately results in security problems. The resulting lack of safety and security of the warehouse means that a company will certainly have financial losses as well as lower employee morale. If you are in the need of warehouse security systems, give us a call at 317-255-2125 or request a free quote today.

Aspects of Warehouse Security

Warehouse security primarily falls into two very important categories. The two most important warehouse security systems areas are:

  • Warehouse security cameras
  • Remote alarm monitoring systems

Warehouse Security Cameras

A quality video surveillance system is a fundamental aspect of warehouse security. There are many different reasons to consider a video surveillance system for your warehouse. Here are just a few:

  • Warehouse security cameras keep a record of any activities that occur onsite.
  • Act as a loss prevention deterrent by constantly monitoring employee activities by preventing theft and monitoring employee accidents
  • Provide real-time remote recording and monitoring across multiple sites
  • Archiving of video recording

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Remote Alarm Monitoring

Another advantage of warehouse security systems is remote alarm monitoring. With the remote alarm monitoring that we offer at Nelson Alarm. Some of the advantages of remote alarm monitoring systems as part of your warehouse security systems are as follows:

  • Protect valuables from theft
  • Makes you aware of any fire or gas problems that may exist
  • Notifies authorities immediately in the event of an emergency

Indianapolis Warehouse Security Systems are Important

At the end of the day, warehouse security systems provide for an increased layer of protection for employees, inventory and the warehouse and can potentially give your business insurance discounts due to increased safety and security monitoring of your facility. Give us a call at 317-255-2125 today to find out more information regarding your warehouse security systems today.