The Best Smart Home Products That Make Your Life Easier And Safer

It seems like smart technology has automated everything for the home these days. While some smart products are fun, others can make your life easier and safer when paired with your home alarm system. If you want more comprehensive protection and an efficient way to manage your home security, these are the best smart home products for Indianapolis.

Smart Security Cameras Provide Remote Viewing

One of the best smart home products for residential security is smart cameras. Smart security cameras send video footage of your Indianapolis home to a mobile app. There, you can view a live feed or stored recordings anytime, anywhere. You can see what your pet does during the day or check out that strange noise in the yard, all from your mobile device. You can even see who’s at the door and talk to them through a smart doorbell camera.

Smart cameras come with many convenient features that make home security a breeze. Most will send you phone notifications if they detect suspicious movements. Cameras with geofencing technology will automatically turn on when you leave the house, or you can program them to activate on a schedule. Some cameras can recognize your family’s faces to reduce false alarms. Others activate smart locks and lights when they detect an intruder.

Smart Lights Deter Intruders

Lights are a vital but often overlooked element of home security, and smart lights are some of the best smart home products to use in Indianapolis. Inside, you can use your smart app to program smart lights to turn on and off while you’re out, so it looks like someone is home. Hear a bump in the night? Turn on the lights and check your security cameras from your bedroom.

For outside, you can automate exterior lights to turn on and illuminate dark corners of your property at night and turn off at sunrise. Or pair a smart light with a smart motion detector that turns the light on when it senses suspicious movement outside your Indianapolis house. If you see something strange, you can remotely turn on your smart lights to scare away a pest or trespasser.

Smart Locks Provide Multiple Ways To Lock Up

Smart locks don’t require physical keys that can get lost or stolen. Instead, you can use a mobile app, code, or fingerprint scan to unlock your door. These methods make it harder for an intruder to break in.

You can also choose to receive notifications on your phone every time someone unlocks your door. With personalized codes for family, you can see that the kids got in safe and locked the door behind them. Have a guest staying with you? Give them a temporary code, then delete it when they leave.

Smart locks make it easier to lock up, too. If you get to work or leave on vacation and wonder if you locked up, just check your mobile app and lock your door remotely.

Smart Thermostats Save You Money

While some smart devices help protect your home from intruders, a smart thermostat can protect your wallet and the environment. If you forget to turn down your smart thermostat before going out, just do it from your mobile device. Or program your thermostat to adjust automatically for different times of the day to save energy. Some smart thermostats can even alert you to issues with your HVAC system or analyze your energy consumption. All of these capabilities help you conserve energy and energy costs.

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