The Benefits Of An Alarm System With A Doorbell Camera In Indianapolis

Do you still need a doorbell camera if you already have security cameras around your Indianapolis home?  It may not be a bad idea, given that a lot of activity happens at your front door.  After all, a doorbell camera can detect a person on your doorstep and notify you through your phone. Then you can use the two-way talk feature with people at your door when you can’t answer it. 

Together, these capabilities help prevent crime and conveniently allow you to interact with visitors from afar. It turns out, an alarm system with a doorbell camera in Indianapolis is pretty handy!

Doorbell Cameras Can Deter Package Theft And Break-ins

Who knew your front door could be a target for crime? Unfortunately, front doors are a common target for break-ins and package theft in Indianapolis. Having surveillance cameras and an alarm system can help prevent these incidents, but you can always use a little more protection. 

A doorbell camera focuses on the view from your front door and starts recording as soon as it senses movement. You’ll get recordings of everyone approaching your door, from the Girl Scouts selling cookies to suspicious trespassers. And thieves know this. If a burglar sees you have a camera pointed right at them, they’re much more likely to turn around and leave without attempting anything. If something does happen, your doorbell camera will record the incident. Now you have video proof to help ID the perpetrator. 

Doorbell Cameras Show You Who’s At The Door No Matter Where You Are

Of course, most people who approach your door are friendly. But you can’t always be home to greet them, and you might not hear knocking or the doorbell if you’re busy in the basement or backyard. An alarm system with a doorbell camera in Indianapolis can tell you when someone approaches your door no matter where you are. When your doorbell camera sees somebody, it sends a notification to your mobile device. When you receive the alert, check who it is on the camera feed shown on the same app. You can be at work, on vacation, or on the far side of the house, and you will still know when a friend rings the bell or a package arrives. 

Doorbell Cameras Let You Talk To Visitors From Anywhere

It’s convenient to know when somebody comes to the door, but what if you aren’t home to answer it? Your doorbell camera can help you out. Most doorbell cameras come with two-way audio that lets you speak to a person standing on your doorstep through your security app. If an acquaintance drops by when you aren’t home, you can converse through your doorbell camera. Or simply say thank you to the delivery person and let them know they can leave the package or food on the doorstep. 

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