Need a Security System Monitoring Service? Nelson Alarm Can Help!

A security system monitoring service is not just alarm monitoring. As a matter of fact, a security system monitoring service goes far beyond. In essence, it works on the same principal. However, it’s not just the home security alarms that are monitored here but the entire security system.

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In today’s society, violent crime and home invasions are on the rise.  It’s because of this, home security system monitoring is a must. The police cannot always be there, but in order for them to react on time. A good security monitoring service lets the authorities or emergency services know that you need their help.

You never realize the importance of a security monitoring system until and unless we understand what a complete home security system does. A good home security system is an array of digital sensors that monitors your home for unauthorized entry, fire, and other emergencies. To monitor fire hazards, smoke and heat detectors are installed.

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A good security monitoring system helps to monitor your home for a sudden rise in temperatures along with smoke. As soon as something is detected wrong, an alarm is triggered. which would be a mix of audio alerts as well as a data message to your mobile phone. The same goes for surveillance and entry alarm systems. These systems are connected to your mobile phone or web application and would send off messages to you only.

What if you are busy and can’t see security alarm messages, or even worse, what if you are at home during an invasion and can’t call for help?

That’s where a security system monitoring service becomes a life savior. For an additional fee, at Nelson Alarm, we can monitor all your security devices 24/7 and alert the authorities about the emergency before you do. So, even if you have a situation where you cannot alert the emergency services, rest assured help will be on its way. Just give us at 317-255-2125 or request a free quote today!

A Security System Monitoring Service Makes 24/7 Monitoring Possible

Thanks to the information superhighway and the connectivity that it provides, we are now living in a more secure world. All the security devices in your home are connected to the internet and that’s what makes it possible for 24/7 security system monitoring.

What’s more with this service is you don’t have to worry about maintenance schedules, as this service also lets the security company know when to come over for scheduled maintenance.

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