How Can Residential Alarm Monitoring Benefit You?

What is an alarm monitoring system? A residential alarm monitoring system is a service where your home alarm system is being actively monitored by a security agency. Residential alarm monitoring is like having an added security layer to your existing home security efforts by placing a second set of eyes on your home and system. It offers an enhanced layer of security and peace of mind with automated alerts and ease of use.

How Can Residential Alarm Monitoring Help You Live Safe and Secure?

Alarm monitoring is handled at a centralized station that is manned by security professionals who monitor your security systems 24/7. Modern alarm systems come with central monitoring option and it can be programmed easily. The alarm system in your home is generally connected through IP relay or telephone line. Some of the alarm systems also have a sim card bay for standalone connectivity.

Technically speaking residential alarm monitoring system is of two types :

Centrally monitored alarm systems: These systems have a dedicated team of individuals monitoring your alarm systems.

Self Monitored alarm systems: The alarm system is connected to your mobile phone through an app with a data link. Here you can get all the alerts that the alarm system detects on your mobile phone. Then it’s your call whether to call the cops, neighbors or to take some other action.

Both the systems provide an added layer of security and it’s always wise to go for them as there is nothing better than having a completely secure home.

Why is Residential Alarm Monitoring Important?

There are many benefits of a residential alarm monitoring system. The biggest of them is peace of mind. Here are more great reasons you should subscribe to an alarm monitoring service:

  1. Continuous Monitoring: Having an alarm monitoring service ensures that someone is monitoring your home security system 24/7. It’s like having a watchdog who never sleeps or gets tired. A home alarm monitoring service can ensure that in case of emergency, police or other help is just moments away. You can have complete peace of mind when you are away from home. There is always someone monitoring your property and ready to help if need be.
  2. Fire Security: Your smoke detectors already work hard to detect the onset of a fire. When you leave your home, a monitored alarm system  can notify the fire department for you. Moments can change outcomes and every moment counts.
  3. Insurance Costs: Generally, insurance companies love clients that take extra step to secure their properties. You can expect discounts on premiums if you have home alarm monitoring active for your property. Be sure to talk with your insurance company to learn how much you could save each year.
  4. Theft Deterrence: Thieves and burglars avoid taking unnecessary risks. Something as simple as a notice on your fence showing you have an active alarm may scare them away.
  5. Instant Access to Emergency Services: Active alarm monitoring also acts as a panic button. You can get the help of the monitoring station in dispatching emergency services to your location in case you are unable to make that 911 call.

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