The Two Kinds Of Home Security Cameras For Your Indianapolis Home Security System

Indianapolis home security camera system

Security cameras have become a popular addition to a home security system in Indianapolis.  But did you know that there are two different ways you can install video surveillance?  One type uses small, wireless cameras that only start recording once they detect motion.  The other uses cameras that are hardwired to a video recorder for always-on recordings.  

Both Indianapolis home security camera systems have pros and cons, usually determined by what type of home security you need.

Features Common In A Wireless, Cloud-Based System

One of the most significant innovations in home security was the advent of easily accessible cloud-based security cameras. You can place cameras inside or outside to give you an uninterrupted view of what’s happening around your house, without any wires to hold you back.  Then, when they sense motion, they will record a 30-second clip and store it in cloud-based storage.  

These cameras are small in design but can still hold up to any weather and lighting conditions.  With your home security cameras, you get the following benefits:

  • Size and design: The days of having to install a large, bullet-shaped home security camera are over, as most of today’s models are small, stylish, and unobtrusive.
  • Resolution: You can view live feeds in 1080 HD in any kind of light.
  • Motion sensing: Your home security cameras can activate and alert you whenever they sense motion.
  • Two-Way intercom: With your security app, you can talk with whoever is on the other side. Perfect when you’re instructing a driver where to set deliveries or to let your kids know it’s time for dinner.
  • Access video clips within a mobile app: Your home security cameras are just a part of an overall home security system.  Control them remotely through your home security mobile app, watch live feeds in HD, or set alerts to your phone.
  • Wireless install: We can install your cameras anywhere without worrying about access lines.

Unfortunately, These Cameras Also Have Some Drawbacks:

  • Shorter record time: Cloud-based cameras usually only record once they sense motion, and only in 30-second clips.
  • Not “always-on” recording: While you might be able to watch live streams of your security cameras through your mobile app, they won’t continually record. They will record when they sense motion or are instructed through the app.
  • Clips may expire: Because your video surveillance is hosted on a cloud-based service, your 30-second clips might go away the next time your camera records.

What To Expect From A Wired, Video Recorder Security Camera

Some homeowners would feel more comfortable if their Indianapolis home camera system were more robust. They would rather have a wired camera that feeds directly into a dedicated video recorder.  Apart from the “always-recording” capabilities, these cameras feature:

  • Higher resolution: These cameras can go up to 4k video resolution.  Some can even offer a wide-angle or 360-degree field of view.
  • Physical recording storage: A hardwired security camera sends recordings into a central video recorder, which can accommodate recorded feeds from several cameras.  Depending on the size of your physical storage, you can store longer clips or have continuous video recording.
  • Remote access: Like your cloud-based security cameras, you can view your devices through a mobile app.  You can also remotely set your cameras to continuous record, activate on motion, or respond to different scheduled events. 
  • Wired install: Wired directly into your central video recorder, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery or cellular interference. 

Like Their Cloud-Based Camera Cousins, These Durable Cameras Do Have Some Drawbacks:

  • More equipment: Because your home security cameras are wired to a centralized video recorder, you have more equipment that you physically have to manage.
  • More installation restrictions: These cameras need wiring for power and video transmission.  Therefore, you can only install your home security cameras in places that can be hardwired.

What Indianapolis Home Security Camera System Should You Use?

The type of home security camera system you choose will depend on your needs.  If you want a simple doorbell camera or an indoor camera to double as a baby monitor, then a cloud-based camera should work.  You can watch live feeds and use 2-way talk to check-in, and then get notifications sent to your phone if they detect unexpected motion.  If you think you want more control over the recordings or want to put together a large network of cameras, then a wired camera system would be better.  

Nelson Alarm Can Design The Best Security System With Video Surveillance In Indianapolis

To get the most value from your security cameras, you need to work with a security company you can trust and rely on.  Nelson Alarm has been a leading Indianapolis provider of commercial and home security cameras and systems for nearly 30 years.  Contact us today for a free quote or call us at 317-255-2125 for more information.