How To Prevent Basement Flood Damage In Indianapolis

Prevent basement flood damage

Broken pipes, plumbing backups, and heavy rainfall can all cause your Indianapolis basement to flood. You can’t prevent every flood, but you can learn how to prevent basement flood damage in Indianapolis by taking prompt action. Use moisture sensors and 24-hour alarm monitoring with your home security system to alert you immediately when there’s displaced water. Then you can clean up plumbing floods as quickly as possible and repair foundation issues right away. 

Integrate Moisture Sensors Into Your Home Security System

The longer water sits in your Indianapolis basement, the more damage it causes. When you incorporate smart home automation into your security system, you can use smart water sensors to detect a flood immediately. 

Ask your security company to place the water sensors around your basement and connect them to your home alarm system. If the water sensors detect moisture, your security system will sound an alarm at home and send a notification through a smart app on your mobile device. Whether you’re home or away, you’ll know if water is accumulating in your basement and be able to take swift action. 

Get 24-hour Alarm Monitoring For Your Indianapolis Home

Once you have water sensors in place, you can also use home alarm monitoring with your alarm system to alert emergency services of a flood. When your sensors detect water or a failing sump pump, they’ll notify a monitoring center. An emergency dispatch specialist will follow your custom emergency response plan and contact you to verify the emergency. You can then assess the situation yourself or call a friend or plumber to handle things if you’re out of town. If the flood puts you in danger, your alarm monitoring team will contact emergency personnel for you while you seek safety. With this protection, you’ll never wake up or come home to a surprise flood again.

Clean Up Quickly After Plumbing Disasters

Plumbing accidents can quickly become disasters when something overflows or springs a leak in your Indianapolis basement. When your alarm system notifies you of water in the basement, take these steps to stop the flow and minimize damage: 

  • Turn off the electricity before stepping into standing water to prevent electrocution. 
  • If a pipe is leaking, turn the shut-off valve to stop it. 
  • If you have a sewage backup, stop using faucets and toilets and call the sewer company. 
  • Salvage as many items as you can from the water. 
  • If you have a floor drain, push water towards it with a mop or squeegee. Use a wet-dry vac to remove any remaining water. 
  • Do everything you can to dry things out. Open windows and use dehumidifiers and your HVAC system to remove moisture. 

Inspect And Repair Your Foundation

Melting snow and spring rains saturate the ground and can flood basements in Indianapolis every year. You can help prevent basement flood damage in Indianapolis with proper foundation maintenance. Start by inspecting your foundation at least twice a year. Look for areas that lean or bulge, cracks, and standing water around the exterior. Inside your basement, look for cracks and damp spots. 

If you find issues, resolve them immediately. You can repair hairline cracks in your foundation with a concrete repair kit from the hardware store. This should help prevent water from seeping in that can damage your home and belongings. If you see bigger cracks or signs of instability, call a foundation repair contractor right away. 

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