A Guide on Securing Windows and Doors in Indianapolis

nelson monitored home security system

nelson monitored home security system

We all want to feel safe and trust the locks in our home are secure enough to keep intruders out. Checking all of the locks is the first line of defense, but is a basic deadbolt on the front door enough? Or does it make sense to upgrade to something more secure, like smart locks or a whole-house home security system?

Understanding The Types Of Window And Door Locks

As you inspect the security of your locks on your home, you may see a variety of types.  Here’s a quick rundown of the different kinds of window and door locks:

  • Doorknob and Lever Handle Locks: With the locking mechanism set right in the doorknob or handle, these are the most common types of door locks.  Unfortunately, in virtually all setups, a doorknob lock can be bypassed with a quick hit with a hammer or a homemade lock pick. You should always pair a deadbolt lock with your doorknob locks on your exterior doors.
  • Deadbolts: Designed for external doors, deadbolts come in single and double cylinder models. While deadbolts can be picked, they are usually heavy-duty enough where an intruder needs to break the door frame to get in by force.
  • Sliding Door Locks:  Sliding door locks come in a variety of styles, from simple thumb latches to folding full-door bars. Each type of lock prevents the sliding door from opening, but cannot protect the glass from shattering.
  • Window Latches: While some windows will have a pin lock or wedge, most home windows will use a latch situated on the pane. Like a sliding glass door, a window lock won’t prevent the window from shattering.
  • Electronic keypad locks:  These use the same designs as a doorknob lock or deadbolt, except that they use a programmable code instead of a key. Those without keyholes become harder to pick.
  • Smart Locks: Smart locks act as a keypad lock, but can hook into your home security system.  With your smartphone app, you can unlock and lock your doors remotely, or get alerts when they are used.

Check Your Door And Window Frames

Along with locks, frames also have a role to play while securing doors and windows in Indianapolis.  Over time your doors and windows can lose their integrity. Wooden frames can rot, causing the door or window to be easily kicked in, even when locked. Some doors swell over time where you have to lift the handle, push the door in, and turn the lock all at the same time. 

Here are a few steps to help you decide the best way to secure your doors and windows:

  • Do a walkthrough of your home, inside and out, to identify any weak entry points.
  • Check the window and door frames for any rot that could indicate the need for a replacement.
  • Determine if any windows or exterior doors have glass that can shatter. Make sure there are no existing cracks.
  • Factor in your family emergency plan. Make sure any new additions to secure your doors and windows allow everyone a quick, safe exit in case of an emergency.

Adding A Home Security System For More Protection

If you want to up your security level from basic door and window locks, you will want to go with a customized home security system.  Besides locks, these components can help protect your home:

  • Motion, and glass break sensors:  Intrusion can happen even with a deadbolted door.  Glass break sensors will alert you when a window is shattered, while motion sensors will sound the alarm on unusual movement.  
  • Security cameras: Indoor and outdoor cameras let you see what’s happening around your house.  Watch live feeds through the mobile app, or get text alerts when the cameras sense motion.
  • Alarm monitoring: When your Indianapolis security system pairs with 24/7 monitoring, a live person will respond to any triggered alarm.  They’ll respond with your personal emergency plan so you can spend your time getting you and your family to safety.  And with 24/7 backing up your alarm system, you’re protected even when you are not home.

Nelson can Help Secure Your Windows, Doors, and Home In Indianapolis

Sometimes you want more than the standard deadbolts on your doors and windows.  For a customized security solution, talk to Nelson Alarm.  We’ll give your whole house a security checkup and discuss the system that will work for you.  Just call (317) 255-2125 or click here for a free quote.