Feel Safer with a Nelson Monitored Home Security System

If you’ve ever had any questions, a monitored home security system should provide you and your family an increased sense of safety and security. The protection and the peace of mind that a home monitoring security system offers is priceless. If you are looking for a monitored home security system in the Indianapolis area, call Nelson Alarm at 317-255-2125 or request a free quote today.

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Some people make the mistake of waiting until some unfortunate incident, burglary, or fire has occurred before they considered the need to purchase a home monitoring security system. Obviously, that’s not the best decision. Never wait until after something dangerous happens, like a burglary or a large fire to consider your need for a home security system. Of course, if you’re reading this, the decision to get a home security system is made and you are doing your last bit of homework.


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One of the first things to consider is what are your home security risks and how can you address those risks, no matter how minor. As a matter of fact, before you decide to get an alarm system installed, you can make basic security assessments even with the most untrained of eyes.

Monitored home security systems typically take care of you once the burglar is in the process of breaking in or is inside the house. It’s your job to provide the “ounce of prevention” which hopefully means the monitored security system will not be called upon for its use.


When Evaluating a Monitored Home Security System

There are several features that a monitored home security system should offer. Some systems are bare-bones while others could be considered the top of the line. Here are some of the standard features that any home security system in today’s home security market should provide. Those features are:

  • Mobile Access
  • Professional Installation
  • Completely Wireless
  • Window or Yard Branding
  • Indoor Cameras or Motion Detectors
  • Broadband and Wireless Connection to the Monitoring Company
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Motion Detector
  • Fire Alarm/Detection

In evaluating your new monitored home security system purchase or agreement, you should compare both features and quality, together with the company’s business reputation within their industry. Nelson Alarm is a locally owned; Indianapolis Company that has been in business and has provided impeccable security services since 1991.

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Purchasing a Monitored Home Security System

Pricing for your monitored home security system will typically include a one-time installation fee, a one-time telephone connection fee, and a monthly monitoring contract. Other charges and fees may apply depending on the particular plan or package you choose

It would be wrong for us to tell you to make your decision to purchase your monitored home security system without you doing your homework. We actually encourage you to do so. Though unlikely, we at Nelson Alarm just might not offer the type of coverage that is the right fit for your home. There is only one way to determine if we’ll be the best fit, pick up the phone and request a quote for a monitored home security system. You can reach us today at 317-255-2125, we are just a phone call away.