4 Ways to Make Your Indianapolis Home More Secure

Home security is more than a state of mind. Which such high crime rates, you should not be taking any chances when you need to secure your Indianapolis home. No matter what the format of your house is, there is always a scope for betterment. Today, we are listing some of the elements which would help you decide whether your house is secure or not?

10233 reported cases of burglary!

26841 cases of theft

5176 cases of vehicle theft.

These are the crime figures of Indianapolis as published on Neighborhood Scout, this should be enough to make you think, Is my Indianapolis home secure? Am I doing enough to secure my family and property?

1. The Doors: 33% of burglars come through the doors of the house. This might sound astounding but it’s true. Check your door and ascertain whether it offers ample security for your house. This should be checked for every door of the house in case you have multiple points to enter the house. Check the T-Frames and hinges, they should be of high quality and strong.

In case your door has a mail slot then it should not be big enough for anyone to put their hands through it to open the door. Does your door have additional bolts to secure it shut? In case there is no peephole then make sure that you get one installed.

Additionally, you should install a burglar alarm for added security.

2. Are you on good terms with your neighbors: Every individual in the neighborhood is bound to have their own work schedules. Some might work from home and others might not. Taking care of our neighbors is always a good idea. Believe it or not,  in case of a home assault of any kind of intrusion your neighbors can be of more assistance than you might imagine. In most cases, when it comes to a failed burglary attempt, it was a responsible neighbor who alerted the authorities on time. Having a neighborhood watch program is always a good idea. If you don’t have one then make one. It will go a long way in keeping your Indianapolis home secure.

3. The Dry Run: Think like your enemy. Step into the shoes of a burglar and think like him. Plan a burglary of your own home and see how can you enter the home. Check for the vulnerabilities of the entire structure and see how can you remove the security flaws of your system. This will give you a very real picture of whether your home is secure or not.

4. Let the experts help you out: It’s always a good idea to let the experts conduct a security audit of your home. Nelson Alarm has immense experience in knowing the vulnerabilities of a home and how to secure them. You are going to need some residential alarm equipment installed in your home to make it truly secure. So, rather than wasting time by going one by one on securing your premises, it would be in the best interest to make a one-time investment to secure your Indianapolis home.

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