Using Local Alarm Companies for Your Home Security

When it comes to keeping your home, valuables and loved ones safe, how do you choose a security company? When you choose to support local business, the many benefits to your community and you personally seem to outweigh any big business benefits. Here are three reasons you should buy from local Indy alarm companies such as Nelson Alarm.

Your initial choice might include a national company, perhaps because you think a bigger business equals bigger safety. But before you jump on a bigger bandwagon for home security, however, you may want to take a closer look at your own community and consider going local. Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, when you choose to support local business, the many benefits to your community and you personally seem to outweigh any big business benefits.

Buying Local Sustains Your Community

Supporting any business locally has so many benefits that it could be a topic all on its own. By supporting local business you are in essence nurturing your community and ensuring its continued success. After all, the entrepreneurs of these businesses are your neighbors, therefore, they already have a vested interest socially and economically.

By supporting local alarm companies, you are helping create jobs that pay for salaries and boosts economic activity. If there’s work available in the community, people are likely to stay. More often than not, local businesses typically re-circulate money by contributing to other local businesses and donating to charities, non-profits and sports teams. As an example at Nelson Alarm, we give proudly and regularly to the Habitat for Humanity. All of these factors contribute to a healthy tax base and economic growth.

There are also environmental and consumer benefits, even for local alarm companies, like leaving a smaller carbon footprint and offering unique products or services. Using local services reduces transportation time, pollution and congestion. It contributes to the uniqueness of the community because the business has tailored its service to meet the specific demands of the residents instead of having a larger, broad-range offering that may not be as well suited to your needs.

customer service at aelson alarm

Better Customer Service

If you choose a business outside of your community, especially if it’s a nationwide company, chances are you’re going to be dialing an 800 number for any sort of assistance. When the security of your home and loved ones is involved, do you really want to rely on complicated phone menus with long waiting periods, an employee you can barely understand, or a technician that may or may not show up in a four-hour window?

Local alarm companies will be able to offer better customer service. Since they will be knowledgeable of the community as a whole and are more likely to be familiar with your specific location, they will know about area crime and how to meet your specific security needs. Being local also means you have the ability to visit them in person. Having personal interaction with a specialist in security can alleviate concerns or questions you have. Their proximity reduces the time it takes to install, troubleshoot and fix any problems too.

A Personal Touch with Local Alarm Companies

National providers usually have a product that applies to the masses. More of these companies are also using a “do it yourself” approach where they send you the equipment to install yourself. While that may be convenient for some, it may be incredibly inconvenient if you’re not handy or don’t have the tools needed for the job.

Having a local alarm company means you are going to receive the personal care and attention you deserve. Remember, these companies are relying on their reputation to keep existing customers and attract new customers. Providing excellent service is the key to their success.

Nelson Alarm is one of Indiana’s best local alarm companies, contact us and find out why.  Request a quote today!