Do You Need A Home Security System With Cameras In Indianapolis?

If you already have home alarms, do you need a home security system with cameras in Indianapolis too? While alarms can scare off intruders and warn you of an emergency, security cameras give you a complete picture of what’s happening on your property. They let you see suspicious activity, check on your home when you’re away, and remotely interact with people at your door for more peace of mind.

View Suspicious Activity With Security Cameras

If you want the best home protection, use a home security system with cameras in Indianapolis. If your alarm system goes off, you can use your security app to view camera feeds and see if there’s a burglar or it’s just your pet tampering with a window. Or, if you hear noises in the yard at night, your camera’s video feed can show if it’s an animal or human trespasser. 

Even if you aren’t home to hear suspicious activity, your cameras will show you anything that happens with recorded footage. Motion detection cameras work best for this. They only turn on and record when they sense movement and don’t waste video storage space. Then if you suspect something has happened on your property, you can view that footage later. 

Check On Your House And Loved Ones With Smart Cameras

A home security system with cameras in Indianapolis helps you keep tabs on your family and home every day, not just if there’s a break-in. Smart cameras installed inside your home link to your mobile devices and give you a view of what’s going on at home when you aren’t there. You can check that the kids got in after school and are doing homework or see how your new puppy is doing home alone.

Security cameras let you keep an eye on your house too. If you’re at work when you receive an app notification that your smart home automation system has detected flooding, you can use your smart cameras to check if you have a slow leak or gushing pipe before deciding what to do. Many smart cameras adjust to lighting conditions and let you zoom in and out, so you can see a flood in a dim basement and zoom in for more details. 

See And Speak With People At Your Door With A Doorbell Camera

Have you ever wondered who might be on your front porch when you aren’t there? You can monitor who approaches your door with a smart doorbell camera. Your smart doorbell notifies you through your home automation system or smartphone when a person is present or if someone rings your bell. If you aren’t expecting someone, you can use your camera to see who it is whether you’re at home or not. You can also speak to visitors or trespassers through your smart doorbell camera. Tell your friend you aren’t home, ask the mailman to hide a package on your porch or tell a thief to scram. 

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