Benefits of Security Cameras

Nelson Alarm’s security systems offer a host of benefits. In fact, with the growing crime graph, it’s now essential that you have your home and commercial premises under the vigilant eye of a security camera. Following are the benefits of security cameras:

Workflow Monitoring

This point is basically for people engaged in commercial activities. Since the shop floor or the factory floor is a huge place, it is not practical for a single person to monitor the entire area. That’s where the benefits of security cameras come into the picture. Apart from providing a security watch, these cameras can also help you in monitoring the work that is happening in the entire setup. It helps in boosting productivity and preventing any misdoing.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Homes and offices covered by security cameras are likely to attract less insurance premium. In the eyes of the insurance companies, your property automatically becomes more secure if you have security cameras installed.

Crime Prevention

Criminals are also becoming smart now. They don’t want to take any undue risk while committing a crime. When they see an area armed with security cameras, they are less likely to commit a crime there. The reason being simple, security cameras provide concrete evidence to law enforcement agencies if a crime occurs and this acts as a deterrent for criminals.

Helps in Decision Making

As we have already mentioned, apart from providing security, the benefits of security cameras also help in monitoring the area. This comes to an advantage when you have to make business decisions pertaining to logistics and crowd management. The footage from these cameras provides you with a solid tool to study the movement patterns thereby keeping you in a better state to make informed decisions with your crowd management and logistics.

Helps in Record Maintenance

This point is valid for commercial establishments. At times, legal authorities require you to keep video records of everything for a certain period of time. That’s when the security cameras come handy. The footage helps in meeting the compliance guidelines and also help in industrial dispute redressal.

Although our blog post was supposed to list the benefits of security cameras, we thought it would be prudent on our part to list some of the disadvantages of them too. The following are some of the disadvantages of the security cameras that are commonly observed.


At times people feel that security cameras invade their privacy. Now, this feeling is highly subjective as every security measure you take will come with a trade-off. You are being monitored for good and the question of breach of privacy should not be such a big issue.


Getting security cameras installed is costly – this is one of the perceptions that people have about them. With any quality service, the cost will be a concern. Security cameras are heavy-duty electronic machines. Therefore, they would be slightly costly. However, one should see the benefits that they provide.


Modern security cameras are digital and connected to the internet. This does open them to cyber attacks and hackers. This is a genuine concern and is being addressed very aggressively by the camera manufacturers. It is important to mention that we deal with the installation of the most secure security cameras.

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