5 Places To Install An Outdoor Motion Sensor Light In Indianapolis

Outdoor motion sensor lights can be a vital part of your Indianapolis home security. Instead of shining in your bedroom windows or running up your electrical bill all night, they turn on only when they detect movement. Motion sensor lights can light your way when you take out the trash at night or scare off a trespasser creeping across your lawn. But they can only do their job if placed correctly. To keep your home and family safe, here are the five best places to install your outdoor motion sensor lights in Indianapolis. 

Protect Doors With Motion Sensor Lights 

Doors are a common entry point for intruders. Using motion detector lights near exterior doorways can deter nighttime break-ins and thefts. You can do this by integrating smart outdoor lights into your home automation system. When your smart doorbell camera detects a person at your door, it will trigger your lights too. The lights will scare away trespassers or brighten your entryway for guests and give you better illumination to see who’s there through your camera feed. 

Protect Valuables In Your Garage With Motion Sensor Lights

Burglars like garages because they know you probably have valuables in there. That makes your garage exterior is one of the most important places to put an outdoor motion sensor light in Indianapolis. Install motion-sensor lights here that flip on if someone crosses your driveway or approaches the side door. They can scare off trespassers who want to break into your garage or car and illuminate your driveway when you come home in the dark. While you’re at it, add lights to your deck or porch, too, if you have patio furniture or grill there. 

Prevent Window Break-ins With Motion-activated Lights On The Side Of Your House

Some intruders will try breaking into first-floor or basement windows if they have shadows to hide in while they do it. You could install lights on the sides of your home that shine all night, but the light will disturb your sleep. Instead, install outdoor motion sensor lights for Indianapolis homes. They’ll only turn on when they detect something creeping along the side of your house. Add motion-activated cameras, and you can see what triggered your lights through your mobile security app too.

Illuminate Walkways For Safety

Outdoor motion sensor lights along your walkways keep everyone safe. If friends stop by or you come home after sundown, your motion sensor lights will illuminate your path, so no one stumbles in the dark. They can discourage trespassers from approaching your home too. If a suspicious person tries to follow your pathways to your house or garage at night, your lights will expose them for you, the neighbors, or your exterior security cameras to see. Few intruders will stick around long enough in the light to risk being identified. 

Dispel Darkness Around Your Yard With Motion Detector Lights

Everything in your yard can act as a hiding spot when it’s dark. Motion sensor lights near your shed, pool, swingset and landscaping can all discourage trespassers and let you see who or what is on your property. Even if it’s just an animal snacking in your garden, the light flashing on should deter most people and critters. And if you’re worried about how light posts look in your landscaping, choose an attractive decorative style.

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