Which Is Best For Your Business: A Security Guard Or Commercial Security Cameras In Indianapolis?

You never know when your Indianapolis business will experience a crime or environmental disaster, so it’s best to keep an eye on things at all times. But you can’t be everywhere at once or on-site 24/7. Many businesses employ security guards to help protect their property. Others rely on commercial surveillance cameras. Each option has its pros and cons. So which is best for you: a security guard or security cameras in Indianapolis? Here’s what to know before you decide.

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Security Guard

You can’t watch every area of your business at all times, so it might make sense to hire a security guard to help. People are less likely to shoplift or break in if they know someone is watching for suspicious activity. A guard can ask loiterers to move along and watch out for things like a burst pipe after hours. They can also call for help and act as a witness in an emergency. 

However, security guards do have limitations. A guard can only be in one place at one time. They may not see or hear something happen if they’re on the other side of your building. You also have to pay a guard, which quickly adds up. Finally, your guard could get sick, have car trouble, take a vacation, or quit at any time, leaving a gap in your security. If you use a security guard service, they’ll send a replacement, but your new guard won’t know your property as well. 

The Pros And Cons Of Commercial Security Cameras

If a security guard doesn’t sound like a good fit, consider surveillance cameras. Commercial security cameras work 24/7, 365 days a year. You can install as many cameras as you need to view all corners of your building, inside and out. Most wrongdoers will move along if they see a security camera nearby. And you can use a central security command center on your computer or phone to see everything on your camera feeds any time you want to. 

Security cameras also connect to the rest of your business alarm system. Business security cameras record 100% of the time on the local network video recorder and if something happens, you can easily go back and look at the history.  Video monitoring adds extra protection and when the cameras detect motion, live footage is sent to the video monitoring station for verification and action. The monitoring agent will determine if it is just a cat crossing the property or if the footage is an actual intruder.  If the latter, then the agent will trigger the talk down feature that will tell the intruder that they are being recorded, to leave the premises immediately or the authorities will be dispatched.  You’ll get live feeds and video evidence as an emergency unfolds. 

Of course, no gadget is perfect. Security cameras can break down or grow outdated eventually. And they may have to move if you change your site’s layout. However, your Nelson Alarm technician can respond quickly to an old or broken camera and install a new one. We also see ourselves as your long-term security partner and can update your security systems when appropriate.

Protect Your Indy Business With Security Cameras From Nelson Alarm

Have you decided which is best: a security guard or security cameras in Indianapolis? If you plan to protect your business with cameras, talk to Nelson Alarm. We install state-of-the-art security equipment that makes securing your business easy. To learn more, call us at (317) 255-2125 or fill out this form to request a free quote today. 


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