What Do You Get With A Basic Home Security System In Indianapolis?

You know a home security system can protect your family and home, but creating one can feel intimidating. Each security company offers different security products, and the many options can get overwhelming. So keep things simple by starting with a basic home security system in Indianapolis that incorporates the most vital components for protecting your home. Then you can add on more devices when you’re ready for a more well-rounded home security system.  

Start With Door And Window Sensors

A basic home security system in your Indianapolis home can detect a threat and sound the alarm. To do this, you’ll need a few components, starting with window and door sensors. These sensors attach to your windows and exterior doors, where they create a magnetic field when your security system is armed from the control panel. If someone opens a door or window, the magnetic field breaks and sends a signal that triggers your security system alarms. Those alarms will alert you that someone has tampered with a door or window and probably scare the intruder away. 

But what if you aren’t home? Nelson Alarm customers get 24/7 alarm monitoring with their basic home security system in Indianapolis. When a sensor triggers your alarm, a central monitoring station receives a signal and sends help according to your custom emergency plan. And if you choose a smart alarm system, your system will send you an alert to a mobile security app on your phone when your sensors detect something amiss.

Next, Install Fire Alarms

Every home should have a few smoke detectors, but you can upgrade yours when installing a basic home security system in Indianapolis. Your upgraded fire alarms can pair with heat detectors that sense different levels of heat and the heat’s “rate of rise,” your alarm system will be able to alert you to a real house fire faster and give you more time to seek safety. Or, if you aren’t home, your smart fire alarms will alert you on your mobile device so you can respond right away. 

Finally, Add Security Cameras To Keep An Eye On Everything

No basic home security system in Indianapolis is complete without quality security cameras to give you a full picture of everything happening around your home. Outdoor cameras with motion sensors turn on and begin recording when they detect a possible prowler. Indoor smart cameras connect to your mobile device so that you can check on family and pets throughout the day. You can even install a smart doorbell camera that notifies you on your phone when someone approaches your door and then lets you speak to them through the camera.

Finally, Talk to Nelson Alarm About Adding To Your Basic Home Security System In Indianapolis

Whether you’re starting with the basics or ready to expand your home security system, the experts at Nelson Alarm can help. We carry a wide range of home security solutions to give you the level of protection you’re looking for in Indianapolis. Call us today at 317-255-2125 or fill out this form to request a free quote, and we’ll discuss all of your options for a custom home security system.

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