What Can You Do With A Smartphone Home Security System In Indianapolis?

It seems you can do anything these days with your smartphone–even protect your Indianapolis home! When you integrate smart home technology into your security system, you can use a smart security app to manage all of your security devices easily. Arm your alarm system, see surveillance camera feeds, and lock your doors–anytime, anywhere. Here’s how these things protect your home when you have a smartphone home security system in Indianapolis.

Arm And Disarm Your Security Alarms Anytime 

Before smart home technology became widely available, you had to remember to arm your home alarm system from a central command center. If you forgot before you left the house or went to bed, your home sat unprotected. And if you forgot to turn off the alarms later, you might accidentally trigger your security system when you open a door. 

A smartphone home security system in Indianapolis helps you manage all of this better. If you forget to turn your alarm system off or on, just do it from your phone app –and then set reminders for the future. Or program your system to follow a schedule, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn it on or off. This flexibility makes it easier to keep your home and family safe at all times. 

Check Your Smart Security Cameras From Anywhere

Your Indianapolis smartphone home security system also gives you more options for using your home security cameras. Any time you want to see what’s happening around your home, you can see all of your cameras feeds on your security app. You can check what the kids are doing downstairs, see what triggered your outdoor motion-activated light, or even see and speak to guests through your doorbell camera when you’re at work.

Your smart cameras can communicate through your smart app too. If they detect suspicious movement, they’ll send you an alert. You can then check to see if it’s a friend or stranger approaching the house and act from there. 

Remotely Unlock Smart Locks For Friends And Family

Locking your doors helps keep your Indianapolis home safe, but what if you have lots of family and friends coming and going? An Indianapolis smartphone home security system paired with smart locks can help. Instead of giving everyone keys that get lost or fall into the wrong hands, use your phone app to assign everyone digital access codes. You can conveniently add, change, or cancel codes anytime on the app. You can even see which code was used to enter the house and when. 

You can also lock and unlock your door remotely from your phone. If a friend beats you home or your kid forgets their code, unlock the door for them with your app. Then lock the door again and avoid package theft! Or if your phone notifies you that the kids forgot to lock up after getting home from school, do it yourself on your phone and rest assured they’re safe. You can even program your locks to lock automatically.

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