The Essentials Of An Indoor Security System For Your Small Business In Indianapolis

You know you need an indoor security system for your small business in Indianapolis, but what does that system need to be effective? While you’ll find various commercial security solutions, a few essentials are enough to get you started. An alarm system to warn you of threats, smart cameras to keep an eye on things, and card readers for controlled access can all protect your business right from the start. 

An Alarm System Warns You Of Danger

Every indoor security system for small businesses in Indianapolis needs an alarm system. Your system’s sensors can detect threats like a break-in or fire and trigger the alarms. With a smart alarm system, you can even receive an alert on your mobile device when you aren’t on the premises. 

You have many options for creating a custom alarm system. There are sensors to detect when someone opens a door or window after hours or breaks in. When choosing fire alarm devices, look for sensitive smoke and heat detectors that will sense a fire and trigger your alarms as fast as possible. You can also add other environmental sensors to warn you of flooding, extreme temperatures, and carbon monoxide.

Indoor Cameras Let You See Everything Going On In Your Workplace

Security cameras are another essential part of indoor security systems for small businesses in Indianapolis. Indoor cameras let you see everything going on around your facility, and they make would-be thieves think twice. You can also record video footage in case you need to look back at incidents to improve work processes or aid police investigations. 

Today’s commercial security cameras come with many incredible features to help you protect your small business. Motion-activated cameras only turn on when they sense movement to help save storage space. Or you can choose cloud storage. Smart cameras let you view live video feed anytime on a mobile security app or notify you when they detect suspicious activity. You can check on your business from anywhere at any time and address situations faster.

Smart Card Readers Give You Access Control For Restricted Areas Of Your Business

One way to protect your small Indianapolis business is by restricting access to your building and sensitive rooms. Locks will keep out the general public, but your employees still need access to do their jobs. Access control card readers are a great solution. You can choose models that use cards, fobs, pins, or Bluetooth. Employees with the right device or code can then unlock doors while those areas remain closed to unauthorized persons. 

With your card readers, you also get an access control center. State-of-the-art access control centers use cloud technology to let you manage your business access control on a website or mobile app. You can easily see who has entered a restricted area or activate or deactivate access devices or codes as your workforce and their responsibilities change. Or lock and unlock doors remotely, even if you aren’t on-site.

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